The Hub: A Private Community for Bloggers

Here at The Art of Blogging, we’re proud to serve a worldwide community of bloggers who aspire to inspire. Most of our content is available for free on the blog and on our social media platforms.

However, there’s more to blogging than just good advice:

  1. Connection
  2. Accountability

It is for these two reasons that we’ve decided to launch The Hub, our private community for growth-minded bloggers motivated by their eagerness to do the work it takes to become proper blogstars.

We’re thrilled to establish a nurturing ecosystem, a place where serious bloggers can jumpstart their projects, a hub where they return time and again to expand their skills, expand their networks, and elevate their game.

Take a Look Inside the Hub

Our community is build around the following core concepts:

1. Private Community

  • Dedicated spaces for discussions around skill development topics such as blogging, email marketing, blog monetization
  • Discovery channels for member networking, collaborations, and more
  • A plethora of opportunities for members to get exposure for their blogs, projects, and articles
  • Private channels for focused discussions among students enrolled in our courses
  • Private 1:1 messaging

2. Accessibility

Our community is accessible on all devices, so you can always keep in touch with the community. There is also a iOS app you can download on your phone.

Also, you can access the community through a dedicated button on the blog.

3. Exclusive Content

You’ll have access to a growing list of exclusive resources: eBooks, tutorials, frameworks, and a video library.

4. Live Events and AMAs

  • Monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) events hosted by Cristian
  • Live Workshops
  • Brainstorm-together sessions
  • Interactive tutorials around certain tools and platforms

Okay, okay… but how do I join?

If you’d like to join our community of highly-driven bloggers, you have one of two options:

  1. Enroll in one of our courses.
  2. Become an XYZ member.
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