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7 Unconventional Questions That Will Change the Way You Blog

Answering these questions will help you turbocharge your blogging game As the cliche goes, if you want better answers, you should ask better questions. The right questions at the right time can help you become aware of your mistakes, adjust your strategy, and begin your journey towards the blogging stratosphere. No, seriously. The right questions at […]

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How Do Blog Posts Go Viral?

If you want to have a successful blog, you not only need to get people to read your content (duh!) but also get them to comment on and share that content with others. So, what will make readers want to do that? It’s not about the facts. It’s not about the knowledge you share. It’s […]

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5 Tips to Help You Write Like Yourself

One of the biggest challenges a blogger faces is the search for one’s writing style. Write like yourself… what does that even mean? It means to know what best suits you as a blogger, and what best suits your personality. Are you funny? Serious? Formal? Informal? Do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the world? Is […]

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[Show Me The Money] $9.68

This was my first payout on Medium for my first week of republishing my content. There’s one aspect of making money from your blog that isn’t talked about: the fact that most people quit when they see payouts like these. After all, what can you buy with $9.68? Not much. But there’s one important element […]

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