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The Future of Blogging: Paywalled Content

I’m both excited and proud to announce The Future of Blogging. A weekly podcast and newsletter about shaping the future of blogging, the tools and resources and strategies to build a blog that can be popular in the decade to come. We’ll discuss trends, strategies, content marketing, and content creation strategies, so we can best […]

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Your Ideal Reader Is Lazy (and Busy Too)

A lot has been written about the importance of figuring out who your ideal reader is.  You can’t create engaging content, you can’t market your blog, and you can’t sell relevant products and services unless you know who your ideal reader is. There’s a plethora of strategies, tips, and tricks that you can use in […]

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Great Blogging is ReBlogging

The blogger is a strange creature. Almost mythological. The way a blogger wastes ideas is quite fascinating. Be honest, how much time do you spend thinking about ideas for articles? Quite a lot, eh? Then, wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to re-use the best ones?

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