Four Incredibly Easy Social Media Tips for Bloggers

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Blogging IS social media. Well, you’re right. But you also need to take advantage of other social media platforms, if you want to find readers.

Yes, that’s how it usually goes: you find readers, not the other way around.

So, here are four fantastic tips if you’re a blogger on social media. Continue reading “Four Incredibly Easy Social Media Tips for Bloggers”

If The Journey Isn’t Difficult, The Destination Won’t Be Rewarding

The first day of the year. The date we use to mark some change in our lives, to set certain goals.

But have you punched those damn keys today? Have you commented on other blogs? Have you interacted with your readers?

Do you feel motivated, even though you want success, to do this even if you don’t feel like it? Continue reading “If The Journey Isn’t Difficult, The Destination Won’t Be Rewarding”

Three Types of Posts That Engage Readers Like Crazy


If your writing is powerful enough, it will compel your readers to comment, share, and like your post. If not, then… well… you can picture for yourself what happens to the blog posts that no one cares much about.

Like art, blogs have to make you feel something. And there are three types of blog posts that make you feel strongly enough that you just got to interact with the content itself, share it, maybe even print it out for future reading. Continue reading “Three Types of Posts That Engage Readers Like Crazy”

Why You Should Update Old Content (And How to Do It)

Blogging is a fluid medium. You can change, add, edit any of your blog posts. You can republish old content, try to make it more relevant to today’s audience, or even have a change of opinion and use an old post to show other how you used to think about a certain topic.

Now, why should you update older blog posts?

Read on to find out. Continue reading “Why You Should Update Old Content (And How to Do It)”

The Five Biggest Doubts of The Modern Blogger

A healthy dose of skepticism can be extremely useful, but when you mix that up with paranoia, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Doubting yourself before you even start, asking yourself questions that inhibit you from writing your best blog posts, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Yet, we all do it.


Don’t you?

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Your Guide to Becoming Famous Online

Odds are, no one knows who you are. And more than likely, they never will.

How can I say that with such authority? Easy.

There are millions and millions of blogs out there.

That’s a lot of noise, a lot of competition.

Lucky you, I’m more than happy to share my 10-step path to dominating online obscurity once and for all … Continue reading “Your Guide to Becoming Famous Online”

The Single Greatest Blogging Tip Ever

If you are passionate about your blog, if you want to reach more people, if you want to feel proud whenever you hit that publish button, then you most likely have spent hours upon hours searching the web for the secret to blogging success. Maybe you’ve invested in e-courses, books, and maybe even booked a one-on-one session with a blogging expert.

But, you know, the answer is simple. It’s straightforward. It’s so common sense that most folks mistakenly believe it’s bullshit.

Want to know what the best piece of blogging advice ever is? Well, read on. Continue reading “The Single Greatest Blogging Tip Ever”

What Sets You Apart as a Blogger?

How do you stand out in this crazy, over-crowded blogging world?

What sets you apart from all the other tens of thousands of other blogs in your niche?

If you do not know, if you hesitate before answering, odds are that you are not getting the results you want from your blog.

After all, being average, fitting in is synonymous with failure.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Here are a few ways to do just that: Continue reading “What Sets You Apart as a Blogger?”

5 Tips to Staying Consistent With Your Blog

Ever did something like this? You forget to post new content for a variety of reasons (no time, no energy, no inspiration) and after a few weeks (months) you hastily write a blog post apologizing to your readers for not posting.

Well, the truth is that waiting for the right circumstances almost always ensures that you never get anything done.

And we all know that consistency is key.

So, how do you stay consistent?

Lucky you, here are five tips that will help you out. Continue reading “5 Tips to Staying Consistent With Your Blog”