The Worst Blog Post Ever™

A blank page. An empty Word Document. Saving an empty draft on WordPress. Just the title staring back at you.

You having a staring contest with digital white upon white upon white…

You want to get that blog post written — you really do — but the words just aren’t flowing. They’re not even dripping.

Your mind protests against this type of torture.  Your mind is as frozen as the surface of an icy pond. You just know that whatever you manage to type is going to be the worst piece of writing in the history of . . . well, writing.

But it’s not true. I’m here to tell you why you should go ahead and write The Worst Blog Post Ever™. Here are several reasons to stop worrying about the quality of your writing and just punch the damn keys. Continue reading “The Worst Blog Post Ever™”

How Do You Stand Out in This Crowded Blogging World?

Ever sat down to write and felt like there’s nothing left to blog about? All the great ideas have been written about.

I mean, sure, you try to find a different angle, to write from your own point of view, to infuse your idea with that personal touch, but those things are supposed to enhance a great idea.

And you start to wonder: how are you supposed to stand out, writing about the same old stuff as everyone else?

You’d think it would be impossible, but it’s not… Continue reading “How Do You Stand Out in This Crowded Blogging World?”

Want More Comments on Your Posts? Do This!

We all tend to focus on catchy headlines and gripping titles. That split-second interest grabber is important.

But how you end your post depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what do you want the reader to do – the so-called call to action. When it comes to prompting reader interaction, how you wrap up your blog posts or articles may make all the difference between a few comments and an explosion of discussion.

Think about it: What urges a reader to write his comments? What gets him to talk about your post? What happens when the show’s over? Continue reading “Want More Comments on Your Posts? Do This!”