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Trends #2: The Library

A couple of years ago I wanted to earn enough from ads, so that I wouldn’t rely on any other monetization options. The result? I was posting anywhere between 8 and 16 articles every single day. Most of them were…
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Why SEO Isn’t Worth It and What To Do Instead

Whenever someone decides to start blogging, they undoubtedly have to learn about this ubiquitous term: search engine optimization. The plethora of advice, frameworks, plugins, specialized platforms, communities, and such doesn’t help either. After all, even when we talk about audience…
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Why Should We Read Your Blog?

There are 36,260,021 blogs indexed on WordPress.com alone. Wait a sec. Make that 36,260,131. And there are a lot more self-hosted blogs, or on different platforms. About a million blog posts get published every 24 hours. Every topic, every theme,…
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