[Show Me The Money] An Introduction

Most folks are struggling financially right now, so I’ve decided to start a new series on making money from a blog.

[Show Me The Money]

We’ll discuss ideas, options, and best tactics to use depending on your audience size, your niche, and stuff like that.

As this blog is called The Art of Blogging, let’s first discuss the art of making money from a blog.

Yeah, there’s an art to that as well.

Namely, the big misunderstanding as to what you’re exactly making money from, and I know I used to be quite frustrated about this a few years back.

Because you’re not making money from your blog, you’re making money from:

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The Bittersweet Truth about Making Money Blogging

There are two kinds of bloggers: those who use blogging as a creative outlet, and those who’ve read that you can make money by blogging and want a piece of the cake.

When you decided to become a blogger, you probably started by trying to learn everything you could about becoming a blogger and undoubtedly came across this word: “monetize.”

And maybe after reading a few articles (or maybe some interviews with the bloggers who are earning tens of thousands of dollars a month) you thought that you could do this “monetize” thing as well.

After all, it’s about using some affiliate links and selling your first e-course or e-book to your avid fans. And no one buys anything from you. NO ONE.

It’s easy to lose heart and quit. It’s also easy to half-ass everything (from content creation to networking) because you’re not earning enough to become a full-time professional blogger.

And this is when most blogs find themselves in hell, which is the definitive defeat that echoes with every new blog post that is published.

So… can you make money blogging?

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