Don’t Want to Bore Your Readers to Sleep? Follow These 7 Simple Rules

When it comes to blogging, holding your reader’s attention is everything. 

On average, only 1 out of 10 visitors will read past your headline.

You want to engage your audience, you want your writing to have a certain flow and style that makes them want to read until the end?

Here are a few tips that are going to help you accomplish that.

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The Ultimate Article Writing Checklist

Because even if you know, in theory, what are the ingredients to a great blog post, sometimes it’s easy to forget.

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How to Edit Your Blog Posts like a Boss

Write. Edit. Write. Edit. Edit. Edit. Write…

Does this sound familiar?

I bet it does…

Truth be told, I used to say that one knows a piece of writing is properly edited when he feels sick just thinking about having to read it one more time.

And it’s easy to drive yourself crazy trying to edit like that.

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