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Do You Sabotage Your Blog by Writing Mediocre Sentences?

One statistic I often share with people is that an average of 70 million new articles are being published on blogs every single month. But another statistic is the following: most of those articles are mediocre, because the bloggers themselves spend an average of 3 hours writing, editing, and formatting their articles. The result? It’s […]

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The Concise Guide to Building Relationships With Other Bloggers

Nurturing relationships with other bloggers within your niche is still one of the best ways to grow a blog. Just think of the options you have available once you begin to network with fellow bloggers: guest posting, interviews, collaborations, giveaways, selling a digital product together… But… how do you build relationships with other bloggers? Well, […]

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Your Competition Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

If you have competition, now you have others helping you explain the category. With competition, you can say things like, “We’re like Uber, but without the scandals.” Seth Godin We often point to our competition as the source of all our troubles. It’s because of our competition that we have to work harder to get […]

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How to Write a Blockbuster Article

Be honest. You often dream of writing an epic blog post, the kind that gets shared thousands of times, liked, tweeted, and pinned, commented on by hundreds of other bloggers… in other words, you wish to write the type of blog post that goes viral. Unfortunately, you have yet to manage writing such an article. […]

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