Would You Pay to Read a Blog Like Yours?

There’s so much information easily available for free right now that most aspiring bloggers struggle to attract enough readers.

The issue? They are writing mediocre content that does not inspire, motivate, or add value.

How to fix this issue? Simple. Write the type of content that others would pay to read, the type of content that provides actionable steps towards solving certain issues, or the type of content that is so engaging as to make one rush for the subscribe button.

In other words, you must be so good they can’t ignore you.

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The War of Blogging: You Need a Strategy to Be Successful

What’s a content strategy?

A content strategy is really just a plan of action for taking all the work and learnings you’ve already figured out up to this point—and translating them into real content that’ll be published on your blog over the coming weeks and months.

  • If you know the niche you’ll be blogging about and have a compelling reason to cover that topic…
  • If you know your ideal reader and what they’re looking for…
  • If you know the value you want to give them…

Then creating a content strategy is as easy as solving your readers most pressing challenges.

Better yet, having a content strategy will help you when you’re feeling unmotivated, when you don’t know what to write about, or in those difficult moments when you’re thinking about quitting altogether.

Here are 4 steps to developing a strategy.

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Content Creation: 7 Phenomenal Tips That Are Going to Revolutionize The Way You Write Blog Posts

If you’re passionate about blogging, odds are that you’ve read articles, guides, or enrolled in blogging courses. Now, most of the advice regarding content creation is rather lukewarm.

After all, quality is subjective.

But the road you have to take in order to produce quality content is not.

That’s why I am going to share a few ways to think about your posts that are going to revolutionize the way you create your content.

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Do You Want People to Read Your Posts? You Must Do One of Three Things

There’s this one mistake I see a lot of bloggers make. It’s something that I have often written about, expressed concern about, warned about, and tried to offer some valid alternatives.

Please, if you want other humans to read your words, internalize this next sentence:

Your blog is not your journal.

If you want to write about what your cat had for breakfast, that’s fine, but don’t expect it to resonate with people.

Yes, you need to tell stories. Yes, you need to share your personality. But if you make it all about you, nobody will care.

Blog about what you want, but know that certain ways of writing and subjects aren’t as appealing as others, so don’t whine when you see that heartbreaking zero next to your followers.

You can be authentic, unique, and sincere, but your blog posts have to do one of these three things in order to resonate with others.

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How Do Blog Posts Go Viral?

If you want to have a successful blog, you not only need to get people to read your content (duh!) but also get them to comment on and share that content with others.

So, what will make readers want to do that?

It’s not about the facts. It’s not about the knowledge you share. It’s all about how you make your readers feel.

Want to know how to write content that goes viral?

Read on to find out.

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The When and How of Sharing Your Personal Story

A few years ago a blogger asked me for advice on how to come up with ideas for their posts.

My answer?

Rummage through your brain for what hurts, and then write about it.

Most of you who have been following me for some time know that I do not like personal blogs. You know, the ones that share intimate details about what the cat had for lunch or stuff like that.

But I do know that sharing a personal story can be the most powerful and effective tool a blogger can use, so today we’re going to discuss the when and how of sharing your personal story.

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Ah, The Joy of Being a Beginner Again

In case you missed the last couple of posts I shared with you, I am actively building a new platform on Medium.

If you’re just now hearing about this, or if you want to grow your audience on that platform, read on to find out how I gained over a thousand followers, earned over $100, and got a bunch of blog posts curated in a month and a half.

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[Blogging Mindset] Your Words Matter

A lot of bloggers, especially those just starting out, live in a world of “if only.”

If only I’d get at least a thousand readers…

If only one of my blog posts would go viral…

If only I could make enough money from my blogging…

But this type of thinking is soon going to break your heart. What if your “if only” never happens? What if you’re holding on to your best ideas? What if you’re not giving it 100% because you are waiting for an audience to just show up?

What if you are having trouble building an audience precisely because you believe that your words don’t matter?

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How to Adapt Your Content to Shorter Than Ever Attention Spans

According to scientists, we now have shorter attention spans than goldfish…

In the year 2000, average attention span was 12 seconds. It’s now 8.25 seconds, while a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

What does this mean when it comes to blogging?

It means that most people who are browsing the web want a quick and simple answer to any question or problem they may have. They want to skim their way to a solution.

And if you make them go through thousands of words of complicated, windy sentences to find what they’re looking for, they won’t ever subscribe to your blog, and they’ll never read another one of your blog posts as long as they can remember that you’re that one blogger who kept them doing the same thing for 10 minutes or so.

So, if you want people to trust you, if you want to be their go-to place for effortless access to the information they need, you might want to take a look at these seven ways you can optimize your content for shorter than ever attention spans.

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