The #1 Thing You Need to Succeed As a Blogger

With a headline like that, you’re probably wondering what is this most important, phenomenally crucial, aspect you need to make it as a blogger. If you’re like most people, you probably think it’s: creating fantastic content understanding SEO networking a lot with other bloggers being aware of some shortcut or growth hack Nope, it’s neither […]

Your Unique Selling Proposition is The Value You Add to Your Readers

“Add value to your readers” is one of the imperatives of blogging. It’s vague, counterproductive at times, and difficult to implement. “Be original” is another sacred rule of blogging.  For your content to stand out, it’s got to add value to your readers and say something that no one’s ever thought about. In other words, […]

The Zen Concept That Made Me Fall in Love With Blogging Again

Two and a half years ago I was just about ready to quit blogging. First, because I thought there was nothing new to learn. I knew it all, I had reached the top of the mountain, and there was nowhere else to go from there. Second, because I didn’t get much pleasure out of writing […]

How to Be a Boss at Blogging When You Have 0 Followers

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a photographer. Mostly with other people’s cameras. And the results are oftentimes… not as bad as you’d expect. I do not research the subject, I do not take classes, I do not read about photography, I do not actively aim to become better. Yet, somehow, I am becoming better […]

How to Stand Out as a Blogger in an Ultra-Competitive Niche

Books are made out of books. Cormac McCarthy You often stare at the blank page, wondering whether what you’ll write will be good enough. You get distracted. Or, you have this idea that you really love, but… you soon realize someone else has already written about it. What is the point of even blogging if […]

10 Best Ways to Get More Email Subscribers in 2021

Believe it or not, email is still one of the best ways to reach people directly. You get far better engagement, it’s not as intrusive or obnoxious as SMS marketing or push notifications, and it doesn’t have the limitations in terms of reach of social networks (we all know that it’s become mandatory to “boost” […]

Content Is No Longer King

Let me tell you a story. A couple of years ago someone plagiarized most of my articles. First, I felt outrage. It was, after all, my work they had stolen, but as I went through all of these article, I noticed something. There were no comments on these posts. No likes. Nothing. The same articles […]

7 Reasons Why No One Reads Your Articles

I remember zero as both frustrating and heartbreaking, the kind of feeling that makes you so angry you feel like crying.  I remember when no one ever read my articles, no one ever bothered to comment on my content. Worst of all, I had no idea why no one gave a damn about my words. […]

What No One Likes to Tell You About Blogging

I’m not in the sugar-coating business, mostly because sugar, even though it tastes good, is kind of bad for you. I don’t like to tap-dance around the truth, because ignoring the truth is a gateway to a lot of frustration and heartbreak. But I haven’t been completely honest with you. No one who shares advice […]

7 Lessons Learned by Writing Over Three Thousand Blog Posts

Three thousand blog posts published over eight and a half years of daily blogging… I’d say it’s a decent amount of content. Could I have written and published more? Sure. More is always the answer when it comes to how much work one can do. I could have written better posts, developed my projects better… […]

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