How Much Does a Cup of Coffee Cost?

How much do you pay for a cup of coffee?

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If You Like The Art of Blogging You Must Read This Post

I feel that The Art of Blogging is growing to become not only a community, but also the kind of online resource that bloggers can turn to in their hour of need.

This makes me work twice as hard to deliver better content to you. The kind of stuff that genuinely helps you reach more readers, write better and faster and without having to bash your head against a wall that often.

However, a couple of things have happened that force me to ask for your help:

  1. As you probably know, being a full-time blogger means that there is no fixed income. Sometimes sales are not great, and they do fluctuate wildly. Sometimes you can afford to give folks a lot of content for free, and host huge sales, while other times you’re behind on your rent and your bills. It’s life.
  2. The time I spent working on this blog also meant neglecting some other, more lucrative projects, so to speak, which have reduced my income even more.

So, I am hoping that you will consider clicking this link here to become a patron of this blog. It costs you $4 a month, you can quit anytime you want, and will allow me to dedicate my time to creating the best content possible for this blog, while also being a bit more anxiety free since this means a fixed income on the 1st of every month.

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Of course, as these things go, you are under no obligation to become a patron — you can continue reading, and there will be no hard feelings either way.

However, if you feel that this content is worth $4 a month, and you are able to do so, and you also want to have access to more content that is available on our Patreon page, please click on this link here.

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Also, here are seven reasons why you should become a patron of this blog:

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  4. I will thank you (in an e-mail), and when I think back gratefully about being able to have electricity and a stable Internet connection.
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What the F$#K? Should You Swear or Not in Your Blog Posts?

Odds are you guessed this terribly, terribly wrong.

And if you guessed “Luck be in the air tonight” maybe this blog post won’t help you much anyways…

Blogging using some cuss words has become quite trendy among some incredibly popular bloggers and social media users, but I’m wondering if it’s really worth it? Or beneficial?

Today’s post is all about the good and the bad of swearing in your blog posts. Continue reading “What the F$#K? Should You Swear or Not in Your Blog Posts?”

Blogging is All About People

Imagine meeting your favorite actor. Someone you admire; you’d very much like to take advantage of this opportunity and tell them how much you appreciate their work. You’d also want an autograph or maybe take a photo with them.

Instead of obliging, they start lecturing you on how stupid it all is. How stupid you are for asking for an autograph. They want to be free of this kind of stress in their free time. They do not want to be bothered by crazy fans.

How would that make you feel?

Now, let’s take a look at your blog. Continue reading “Blogging is All About People”

Five Super Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts

Producing great content for your blog is one of the essential elements of becoming a successful blogger, and this means that your writing must sound natural, conversational.

Write like yourself, as they say. This means you’ll be more productive, enjoy writing and editing more, and get your audience to engage more with your content.

I’ve been writing for over fourteen years, blogging for over seven, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some things that never fail to improve a piece of writing.

Below you will find five of them…

Continue reading “Five Super Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts”

Do You Truly Care About Your Readers?

Or is it really all about you?

If there’s one thing that I keep saying over and over again, it’s that the key to effective blogging is a relentless focus on the needs of the people you are trying to reach.

But the truth is that there are two prime examples of ways in which many are not getting it. The funny thing about these two things is that they are both aspects of what makes the Internet truly unique as a marketing platform, and yet we often fail to take advantage of them.

Take a look to see if you’re guilty of either of them. Continue reading “Do You Truly Care About Your Readers?”


Disclaimer: This is my reply to Jordan’s Are You a Blogger or Just Blogging?.

One of the things I enjoy doing from time to time is photography. Probably I know more about DSLRs and mirrorless cameras than I do about photography itself, but nevertheless…

Long story short, because cameras have become so damn good at taking pictures, nowadays the idea is that anyone can become a photographer if they’re willing to invest in the right equipment.

Buy an expensive camera, and you’ll be able to take good photographs.

Not great, but good.

So, yeah, anyone can blog. Anyone can create an account, start a blog, write posts, take advantage of all kinds of social media platforms…

To do all that you need a smartphone or a laptop. A decent internet connection. That’s it, basically.

And given enough time, you could become pretty good at it.

Good, but not great.

Because you know what it takes to be great? Continue reading “ANYONE Can Blog”

Six Essential Blogging Hacks

There is no elevator to success. You’ve got to climb the ladder. Also, you can’t climb the ladder with your hands in your pockets.

What does this all mean?

There are no shortcuts, there’s no set of rules that will guide you. There’s no secret.

You must work hard. But, at the same time, you must work smart, which means to become as efficient as possible.

This got me thinking: what sort of “hacks” would I say are essential to the modern blogger, especially the one who’s just now starting out? Continue reading “Six Essential Blogging Hacks”

ONLY This Matters

I’ve been blogging for over seven years. I’ve blogged for fun, for fame, for money. I’ve blogged about what I was deeply passionate about, and I’ve blogged about stuff I couldn’t care less.

I’ve blogged for my own blogs, and I’ve blogged for others.

And I realized there are a few universal things that make a blog post great:

But, while these factors are incredibly important, a blog post should add value to other people’s lives. We write blog posts to build awareness. We want our audience to engage with what we have to say, and for an online community to develop around that which we are terribly passionate about.

The only thing that matters when it comes to blogging is to make the reader happy

Continue reading “ONLY This Matters”