Introducing: From 0 to 5,000 Readers in 6 Months

For those of you who are a bit late to The Art of Blogging, up until 6 months ago I used to sell a one-on-one coaching program called, From 0 to 5K. It was a program meant to help others reach this goal, five thousands new readers in six months.

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If Quality Is King, Consistency Is Queen

Let’s play a game of the imagination. I want you to imagine into existence what your favorite TV show would be like. Imagine the story, the actors, everything. Now, imagine that they stream a new episode every Monday at 7 pm. They do so, without fail, week after week. You can’t wait for Monday to […]

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How Does This Relate to Me?

This is the question your readers ask themselves all the time.  When they stumble upon your article, and they catch a glimpse of your headline. When they read your introduction. When they skim through your article. How does this relate to me? In other words, how does what they already know connects to what you […]

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