[Blogging Mindset] It’s The Bottom That’s Overcrowded

It took me an awful lot of time to blog like me.

I am writing these words after having published over three thousand blog posts across three different blogs. Eight years of writing words on a daily basis.

Whether I felt like it or not.

The bitter truth of blogging? It’s easy to think that you’re getting a lot done. It’s easy to think that the world’s unfair, and that you tried everything, and that those who are successful just happened to be lucky.

What’s not easy is admitting that there are people out there who want it so much more than you do, who are willing to work more than you even think possible.

I write two blog posts before everyone else wakes up. Every single day.

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Content is King. Or is it?

Is content king?

To me, that seems like a silly question. “Content is king” is a metaphor, but apparently not a very good one.

A good metaphor creates instant understanding. Given the amount of confusion and debate, the phrase “content is king” is not doing all that great a job in the instant-understanding department.

I think it’s smarter to say that content is indispensable. It’s what people go online to find, and it’s what Google loves. There are only a few online marketing models that don’t require valuable content, and those few are getting tougher by the day, and result in no long-term assets.

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Do You Want People to Read Your Posts? You Must Do One of Three Things

There’s this one mistake I see a lot of bloggers make. It’s something that I have often written about, expressed concern about, warned about, and tried to offer some valid alternatives.

Please, if you want other humans to read your words, internalize this next sentence:

Your blog is not your journal.

If you want to write about what your cat had for breakfast, that’s fine, but don’t expect it to resonate with people.

Yes, you need to tell stories. Yes, you need to share your personality. But if you make it all about you, nobody will care.

Blog about what you want, but know that certain ways of writing and subjects aren’t as appealing as others, so don’t whine when you see that heartbreaking zero next to your followers.

You can be authentic, unique, and sincere, but your blog posts have to do one of these three things in order to resonate with others.

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How Do Blog Posts Go Viral?

If you want to have a successful blog, you not only need to get people to read your content (duh!) but also get them to comment on and share that content with others.

So, what will make readers want to do that?

It’s not about the facts. It’s not about the knowledge you share. It’s all about how you make your readers feel.

Want to know how to write content that goes viral?

Read on to find out.

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[Blogging Mindset] Forget about Numbers for a Moment

“It’s not the number of followers you have or “likes” you get, it’s the strength of your bond with your followers that indicates how much anyone cares about what you have to say.

In this game, the one with the most real relationships wins.”Gary Vaynerchuck, The Thank You Economy

Numbers are funny. We, as adults, are kind of obsessed with them. A “ten million dollar home” is easy to imagine, easier than actually investing the time to describe how the house looks like.

And the blogging world is also plagued by this obsession with numbers. It’s all about traffic, stats, and followers. Views, unique visitors, hits, clicks, likes, and comments.

Lots and lots of numbers offering you the cold perspective of your success (or lack of it.)

Here’s the kind of truth that few will ever share with you: it’s not just about numbers.

I once read an article that blogging should feel like this awesome house party. Everyone wants to be invited. All those who stumble upon your blog can’t help but subscribe, feeling a bit jealous on you.

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How to Write Blog Posts that Your Readers Will Love

Would you like to become a better blogger? Would you like to create blog posts that people will remember, comment on, and share?

Silly questions, right?

Of course you’d like that.

But… how?

Do no worry, for I have compiled a short step-by-step guide to help you become a blogger that’s incredibly persuasive and completely unforgettable.


Let’s start with the best way to structure your content.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in The Blogging Bootcamp

Why would you buy a course to get good at anything?

Quite the question, right?

Especially since there’s a plethora of information readily available for free.

After all, there are over 400 blog posts on The Art of Blogging alone. Available for free. To anyone who wishes to become a true artist of blogging.

So, yeah… why should you enroll in The Blogging Bootcamp?

Here are 7 reasons why.

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The When and How of Sharing Your Personal Story

A few years ago a blogger asked me for advice on how to come up with ideas for their posts.

My answer?

Rummage through your brain for what hurts, and then write about it.

Most of you who have been following me for some time know that I do not like personal blogs. You know, the ones that share intimate details about what the cat had for lunch or stuff like that.

But I do know that sharing a personal story can be the most powerful and effective tool a blogger can use, so today we’re going to discuss the when and how of sharing your personal story.

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See, Read, Think, Feel

You can tell. Just after reading the first few sentences, you know. Reading that blog post is going to change you.

In fact, you are so affected by its message you can’t help but share it.

We’ve all experienced content like this. But the question remains: how to create it?

If you’re serious about blogging, your goal is to create content that makes people pay attention, think, and feel.

And I believe that we should keep in mind these very elements as we do our best to craft an experience that will have a profound effect on our readers.

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