Build Your Personal Brand

Your blog is your personal brand. Your blog represents you in this online environment, and every small detail matters.

If you are trying to find more readers, or trying to build a platform, a community, you may be overlooking some of the essentials that are at your disposal.

As they say, first impressions matter. And they last a long, long, time, so here are five basic personal branding tools you should take advantage of before you move on to more complex ones. Continue reading “Build Your Personal Brand”

How to Know for Sure You’ve Just Written a Great Blog Post

You spend all night hunched over your keyboard, punching those damn keys. You write your heart out, even if your hands shake. You search for the perfect picture, rummage through your brain for that brilliant opening line, for the ending that will leave your readers in awe.

Finally, you hit the “Publish” button. It is done. And now you wait. And wait. And wait some more. Soon, a sort of restless resignation overwhelms you.

Twenty-four hours later, no one even commented on your post…

But what does this mean? Was your post bad? Was your opening line uninspiring? Boring? Bland?

Where did you go wrong?

If only there were some way to know for sure what happened… Continue reading “How to Know for Sure You’ve Just Written a Great Blog Post”

Nine Amazing Tips to Help You Start Your Blogging Journey like a Boss

I have been blogging for over seven years now, which means that I’ve been making mistakes for a long, long time. A lot of them.

That’s what experience is: the ability to make a lot of mistakes, and to learn from them.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the 9 most important tips you must know if you’re just starting out.

You know, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did all these years. Continue reading “Nine Amazing Tips to Help You Start Your Blogging Journey like a Boss”

Six Questions to Ask Your Readers at The End of a Blog Post (So You Get More Comments)

In the first few months of blogging it can be frustrating to put a lot of time and energy into writing quality posts only to find that it seems as though no one is reading them.

I’ve previously written an article on how to get more comments on your blog posts, so I won’t go over all of that again – however I wanted to share one simple technique to get folks talking. It is obvious and very basic – but so many bloggers don’t do it.

The technique is simply to ask them a question at the end of your blog post.

This blew your mind, right?

I know. Powerful stuff.

Here are six questions to ask at the end of a blog post to encourage comments. Continue reading “Six Questions to Ask Your Readers at The End of a Blog Post (So You Get More Comments)”

Review Your Progress in 2019 By Asking Yourself These Questions

With the end of 2019 close, we bloggers are beginning to set goals, make resolutions, and come up with a strategy for further growth in year to come.

While looking forward and planning to improve your blog is something well worth doing, I’ve found that the only way to ensure the past does not repeat itself is by reflecting upon it.

The mistake that many bloggers make it they fail to capitalize upon lessons that they’ve already learned.

So, here are (quite) a few questions to ask yourself in order to review your blogging progress in 2019.

Continue reading “Review Your Progress in 2019 By Asking Yourself These Questions”

Three Types of Posts That Engage Readers Like Crazy


If your writing is powerful enough, it will compel your readers to comment, share, and like your post. If not, then… well… you can picture for yourself what happens to the blog posts that no one cares much about.

Like art, blogs have to make you feel something. And there are three types of blog posts that make you feel strongly enough that you just got to interact with the content itself, share it, maybe even print it out for future reading. Continue reading “Three Types of Posts That Engage Readers Like Crazy”

Why You Should Update Old Content (And How to Do It)

Blogging is a fluid medium. You can change, add, edit any of your blog posts. You can republish old content, try to make it more relevant to today’s audience, or even have a change of opinion and use an old post to show other how you used to think about a certain topic.

Now, why should you update older blog posts?

Read on to find out. Continue reading “Why You Should Update Old Content (And How to Do It)”

[Blogging Mindset] The “Big” Secret

“The secret is in the line.”Charles Bukowski

When you first start blogging, it’s all too easy to daydream yourself into chronic procrastination. After all, you’re not where you want to be, so why not spend a few hours each day thinking up of all the ways in which becoming a blogging superstar is going to enhance your life.

At the same time, there are so many technical aspects, from themes to plugins to formatting, to images, to sharing videos… it’s easy to spend most of the time taking care of such stuff.

Then there’s the sheer quantity of available resources. Just think of how much time it would take you to read all the articles on this blog alone. Then the comments, to get a feel for what folks want or have tried.

It’s all too easy to forget what really matter when it comes to blogging.

What is that, you ask? Continue reading “[Blogging Mindset] The “Big” Secret”

[Blogging Mindset] Take Your Time

Have you ever stumbled upon someone’s blog and after reading a few posts ended up wishing your own blog had content that good?

Have you ever read a piece that was so wonderfully written that it made you feel like an amateur?

Now for the big questions:

  • Why aren’t you writing content that good?
  • Why isn’t your content profound?
  • Why can’t you write thought-provoking content that will send your blog to the stratosphere?

Are you satisfied just to shake it a little instead? Continue reading “[Blogging Mindset] Take Your Time”