[Blogging Mindset] You Are a Blogstar

If you were to look at the night sky with your naked eye, you’d spot some 3,000 stars. Use a small telescope, and the number increases to close to 100,000.

Of course, there are actually one hundred billion stars in our galaxy alone, and a galaxy usually contains anywhere between ten million to one trillion stars. Oh, and there are some hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe.

So there are so many stars in the universe, we might as well consider that a infinity of stars exist. Continue reading “[Blogging Mindset] You Are a Blogstar”

[Blogging Mindset] Reciprocity

Imagine you’d just decide to send out a lot of Christmas cards early in the month of December — to complete strangers.

What would happen?

Nothing? Maybe a few confused phone calls or letters?

Most likely you’d receive a great deal of Christmas cards in return, from people who don’t even know you.

A university professor actually performed this exact experiment back in 1976, and although he expected to get some responses, he was actually amazed by the number of return cards he received. Continue reading “[Blogging Mindset] Reciprocity”

5 Super Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger

In order to get what you want, you must become the kind of person who has it. This means you need to evolve, to become someone else.

But how?

If you do not have any directions to where you want to go, how can you ever get to your destination?

That’s why I have written these super easy steps to becoming a better blogger.

Because without progress, the art of blogging is not worth the time. Continue reading “5 Super Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger”

5 Easy Steps to Writing a Great Blog Post

People think that writing is a magic skill, mostly because it seems you’re creating something out of nothing.

It’s not.

It’s not magic, it’s not a genuine act of creation.

It’s part art, part craft. It’s a lot more perspiration than inspiration.

You start with a given set of resources (ideas and a little time), learn the right way to put those resources together, and you’ll write a blog post.

That being said, here’s how to write a great blog post in five easy steps. Continue reading “5 Easy Steps to Writing a Great Blog Post”

The Five Habits of Extremely Prolific Bloggers

Every once in a while someone figures the following things out: just how many posts I write and publish across the blogs that I own and operate. And, inevitably, they send me a quick e-mail or comment on a post asking me just how do I manage to write that much.

Well, it’s all habit.

When I first started blogging back in April 2012, I could write a blog post every two days or so. It was a struggle to write that often. Then, after a year or so, I could blog every single day.


Some days, if I give up on other stuff, like eating too much, sleep, or friends, then I can write some 30 blog posts.  Granted, some are incredibly short, or visually oriented (sharing a video or a few photos), but it’s still time consuming.

So, yeah, if you want to know the traits/habits of extremely prolific bloggers, read on. Continue reading “The Five Habits of Extremely Prolific Bloggers”

What To Do When You Fall Out of Love With Your Blog

Ever get to a point with your blog where you’re just … worn out?

Writing a new blog post feels like a chore. Your readers are getting on your nerves.

You don’t want to quit … but you do want to get some of that old magic back, the way it was in the early days.

If you could use a few ideas to rekindle that spark, you’re in the right spot. And if you’re still passionately in love, don’t worry … the same techniques can be used to keep the fire as bright as it is today.

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[Blogging Mindset] Crawl Before You Walk

Here’s something that I see a lot of new bloggers do: a lot of research. They read everything they can about blogging, social media, etc. They read tutorials, e-books, guides, watch videos, interviews with successful bloggers, and then… nothing.

Them doing their research is a way to procrastinate while feeling like they’ve accomplished something.

They mistake motion for action, and they never address the feeling of being overwhelmed or anxious or doubtful. Basically, they are just sitting on a rocking chair, expecting to go somewhere.

And the build this sort of strange expectation that someday they will be successful.

In other words, most bloggers want to be able to run a marathon before learning how to walk.

Because the inexorable truth is that you must try to walk, not just read about walking. You must get it wrong, over and over again, to get it right for the first time.

Heck, you must crawl before you even start to walk. Continue reading “[Blogging Mindset] Crawl Before You Walk”

As A Blogger, Here’s What I’ve Given Up To Be a Success

A few days ago I reached 140,000 followers on my main blog. It was worth about five seconds of joy, a screenshot of my stats, and it was time to get back to work.

This is the kind of life I have been leading in the last seven or so years to be successful as a blogger.

What is a success anyway?

Am I successful? Because I have a certain amount of followers? Because I’m earning enough money to do this as my full-time job?

The truth is that I’ve had to work twelve hour days for a long, long time. Sometimes, I wondered if it was all worth it. Sometimes, I wanted to quit, desperate for the comfort of a 9 to 5 and a steady paycheck.

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5 Bitter Truths of Blogging You Need to Know About if You Want to Be Successful

Even though at times it is almost impossible to admit it, you blog because there’s this drive within you to create. You want to inspire, to share ideas and thoughts, you want to have an impact on others.

But that is not enough if you want to be a successful blogger. And you know what sucks even more? No one will tell you the bittersweet truths. I didn’t know them. I used to believe that all it took was a good idea once in a while, or that it was all about charisma…or luck…or being the right man at the right time.

I thought that just by showing up, no one would ever dare challenge your value, worth, or genius.

Well, lucky for you, I am writing these words after nearly eight years of struggling and striving, because I think you must know these five bitter truths of blogging.

The first truth? Continue reading “5 Bitter Truths of Blogging You Need to Know About if You Want to Be Successful”