The Art of Blogging: The E-Book

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Sometimes even downright discouraging.

You have so many ideas you want to share with the world. So many things you want to say. So much you want to try.

But your job is demanding. You’re constantly juggling family schedules and obligations. You’re always heading off annoying interruptions.

You wonder if you’ll ever be able to make blogging a permanent part of your life.

You want to get your work out there, but at the same time you’re not an idealist.

You love writing, but it’s not just about self-expression for you.

You don’t need to be a unique snowflake who makes every word trumpet from the heavens so that unicorns prance down on Earth.

You just want to create something you can be proud of.

To finish something you start.

To see some results for a change.

You want to live life on your own terms and change the lives of others — and you know you could do it… if only you knew how.

There’s got to be an art to it, right? There’s got to be some secrets that few are willing to share with the world, some sort of trick that allows you to turn off your phone, sit down at your desk, and produce thousands upon thousands of words. Continue reading “The Art of Blogging: The E-Book”


How to Know for Sure You’ve Just Written a Great Blog Post

You spend all night hunched over your keyboard, punching those damn keys. You write your heart out, even if your hands shake. You search for the perfect picture, rummage through your brain for that brilliant opening line, for the ending that will leave your readers in awe.

Finally, you hit the “Publish” button. It is done. And now you wait. And wait. And wait some more. Soon, a sort of restless resignation overwhelms you.

Twenty-four hours later, no one even commented on your post…

But what does this mean? Was your post bad? Was your opening line uninspiring? Boring? Bland?

Where did you go wrong?

If only there were some way to know for sure what happened… Continue reading “How to Know for Sure You’ve Just Written a Great Blog Post”

Frustrating, Isn’t It?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

To give it your all, and to fail nonetheless.

To want something so bad, yet to feel as if the universe is constantly conspiring against you.

What is missing? What is to be done?

What if you never become the blogger you’ve always wanted to be? What if you are forever destined for modest influence, for your words to mean less than a whisper to the few who happen to come upon them?

Think about it…

Think about the frustration of not knowing what is wrong, what your mistakes are, or how to fix them.


And now let me tell you that I can help you overcome any obstacles you may have stumbled upon on your blogging journey.

But you gotta hurry!

Only a few hours left


The 0 to 5K Program is discounted by over 56%. That’s a 500 dollar discount.

Save half a thousand bucks and enroll now.

Let’s work together on making your blog the kind of place that people would pay money to subscribe.

Let’s make your blog the kind of place that feels like a real cool party.

Do you want your words to mean something to someone? To even nudge the world a little?


Only a few hours left…

Do not lose this chance, do not try to rationalize it.

I am going to fight for your chance to show the world that you are not just another blogger, but the blogger.


Do you want to be the blogger?



The Bittersweet Truth about Making Money Blogging

There are two kinds of bloggers: those who use blogging as a creative outlet, and those who’ve read that you can make money by blogging and want a piece of the cake.

When you decided to become a blogger, you probably started by trying to learn everything you could about becoming a blogger and undoubtedly came across this word: “monetize.”

And maybe after reading a few articles (or maybe some interviews with the bloggers who are earning tens of thousands of dollars a month) you thought that you could do this “monetize” thing as well.

After all, it’s about using some affiliate links and selling your first e-course or e-book to your avid fans. And no one buys anything from you. NO ONE.

It’s easy to lose heart and quit. It’s also easy to half-ass everything (from content creation to networking) because you’re not earning enough to become a full-time professional blogger.

And this is when most blogs find themselves in hell, which is the definitive defeat that echoes with every new blog post that is published.

So… can you make money blogging?

Continue reading “The Bittersweet Truth about Making Money Blogging”

All Good Things Come to an End

Someone asked me today if they could still benefit from the offer on The 0 to 5K Program.

A $500 discount is  kind of a big deal, and paying for such a program is an investment, so I agreed that I’d give them another day.

But then it wouldn’t be fair to you.

That’s why I am extending the discount for yet another day.

Twenty four hours.

That is it.


It happened to me on more than one occasion, when on a 1-on-1 Skype chat with a client, that I get really excited and blurt out strategies and tricks and tips and a detailed plan of action for the next month or so because listening to them describe what they love gives me the right kind of energy and provides me with the clarity I need to know how to help them grow their blog.

The thing is: I love leaving people with not just that “moment” . . . but also a full set of meaningful, organized steps to take.

And this is true for all my programs, including the 0 to 5K Program, which for the next twenty four hours costs less than half its usual price.

That being said, if you wish one-on-one help with growing your blog, expanding your readership, earning money, or even becoming better at blog writing, this is your chance.

Twenty four hours left to purchase the 0 to 5K Program. Huge discount. 56% off.

That is it.

I’d love to sit down with you via Skype and create a strategic, thoughtful action plan for your next few months of growing your blog. . . the smart way.

To be honest, I considered crowding this post with all the testimonials from folks who I’ve helped before, but the reality is, you probably know by now whether or not you want my help, whether what you’re doing now is working at the ideal level, and whether you need a fresh approach to growing your blog . . . or not.

What if by this same time next month, after we’ve decided on a strategy and you’ve spent your days focused on implementing it with ninja-like quickness?

Honestly, working with you on this programs is fun for me too. From health and wellness coaching, to financial planning for high powered women, to teaching creative writing to kids, we’ve crafted smart plans for unique people like you with amazing blogs like yours.

Weeks of one on one sessions, fresh ideas, brainstorming, and advice that is designed to guide you through specific actions, all of them worth well over $1,000 each if it were any other superblogger.

It’s pretty simple math, actually:

You + me + Any Program = actual magic (okay, I mean, you’ll have to do the work of implementing the strategy, but you get the point).


I don’t want you to jump on this opportunity if it’s NOT the right time for you. One million percent don’t enroll if:

  1. You’ve been hearing about “blogging thing” and just want to see how you can make some quick money
  2. You have no idea who you want to help or what you care about.

But if you HAVE been hearing about my programs and reading along with this blog post and thinking “I need this clarity and focus; I’m definitely serious about my blogging . . . and I do realize this price for everything is literally insane” . . . then click here to enroll.


The Best Way to Get More Blog Subscribers

This is the question I get asked the most.

Despite writing on this topic a couple of times, and basically dissecting every tip and tactic I know for converting site visitors into regular readers, people seem to think there’s some big secret.

No one wants to believe that there’s no magical secret. They’d rather fantasize about some forbidden technique that drives subscriber attraction. If I’d just share the magical words that make the difference, they’d immediately put those words to use.

OK, I give up. I’ll tell you the real secret. Continue reading “The Best Way to Get More Blog Subscribers”

Six Hours



There are only six hours left for you to take advantage of this crazy $500 discount.

Please, don’t pay full price for this program.

And, yes, do enroll.

Lots of folks have been asking me what is this program all about, so here’s a step-by-step of what’s going to happen:

  1. You purchase the program from my e-store here.
  2. We get in touch via e-mail.
  3. I’ll ask you to tell me about yourself, your blogging goals, and possibly for some of your best blog posts (the ones your most proud of.)
  4. I’ll get to work, reading your blog and writing a detailed initial feedback. This is an analysis of your blog, the visual layout, your headlines, introductions, social media, everything. EVERYTHING.
  5. I’ll send you that initial feedback.
  6. We’ll schedule our first Skype chat, so we can get to know one another, you get to ask questions, and I’ll tell you a few tips and tricks that I don’t usually share on this blog.
  7. Homework. There’s always stuff to do.
  8. I’ll provide you with a game plan, a strategy to help you reach 5,000 new readers in six months.
  9. Schedule another Skype chat every 2 weeks
  10. You get to ask me any questions, whenever you need to.

The 0 to 5K Program is designed to help you take your blogging to a new level. As simple as that.

It’s a one-on-one coaching program. There are no courses, no watered down content, no tutorials.

It’s me and you, working together to build you a blog (and an audience) you can be proud of.

So… what do you say?

Are you in?


Your $500 Discount Expires in 12 Hours

Twelve hours. 12.

That’s how long you have to take advantage of this insane, insane discount. $500. Five hundred dollars off our flagship program.

We’re talking about a six month one-on-one program, specifically tailored to your blog’s niche. We’re talking about one-on-one Skype sessions, learning the tips and tricks of the trade, getting better, getting feedback…

A true mentorship program.

Let me teach you how to grow your blog to tens of thousands of avid readers.

When I first started blogging over six years ago, I didn’t really know anything about creating content, social media, engaging readers…. I didn’t know what to write, I didn’t know about headlines, blog themes, subheads, introductions, or what “a call to action” meant. I didn’t know any of that.

I only knew one thing:

I’d keep on blogging, no matter what.

I wanted to inspire others, to motivate them, and to feel as if my words matter.

But, as I published one post after another, it felt as if there was something stopping me. No one read my posts, no one bothered to comment. The writing felt stale. I’d barely manage to read the posts I’d write. They lacked soul. It all felt lukewarm.

I knew I had so much more energy and raw passion. I knew I could do so much more.

But instead of getting noticed, I’d get ignored, criticized or made fun of. I didn’t know what to do, and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t figure it out.

No matter what your blogging goal is, deep down you want to be successful enough to feel that your words matter. That your words can nudge the world a little.I’m sure you want to know what’s the secret.


  • You’re struggling to gain readers
  • You seldom receive any comments on your posts…
  • You want to create a community around your blog…
  • You want to learn how to tell a compelling story
  • You want to blog like a boss
  • You want a big smile on your face every time you check your WordPress Stats

Well, this is the program for you then.

Six months of receiving feedback and pointers from me, on anything from the visual layout to the content. I’ll be offering you tips and tricks on:

  1. headlines
  2. introductions
  3. how to end your posts with a bang
  4. how to be a master storyteller
  5. how to use social media to your advantage
  6. how to network with fellow bloggers

And more importantly than all, HOW TO FEEL LIKE A PROPER BLOGSTAR.

If you want to take your blog into the blogging stratosphere, this is the right program for you.

Is this YOU?

Writing has always been one of your passions. You decided to start a blog, to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. You poured your heart and soul into every post, did the very best you could… only to be COMPLETELY IGNORED.

No comments, no shares, no feedback whatsoever. The bottom of the ocean has seen more life.

Maybe no one was around, you think. You write post after post, decide that perseverance and patience will bring you the readers you deserve.

But no. Months go by, you gain a couple followers, maybe receive a comment or two.

What to do? How to go about it?

No one’s reading your blog…

Meanwhile, other bloggers seem to be having the time of their lives, putting out awesome content, connecting with amazing people from all over the world, building communities around their ideas.

It’s really not fair, because you’ve actually put in WORK into this blogging thing. You’ve seen others be successful, so you know it’s possible… but for some reason, you can’t even get a couple COMMENTS.

At this point, even a “hater” would be something you’d appreciate, because at least then they’d be acknowledging your online existence. Right now, and for all intents and purposes, you’re invisible.


This is the best program for growing your traffic/readership I have ever designed.
This is the program to put an END to the constant lack of feedback.

Imagine having five thousand people read your blog.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you could get five thousand people read your blog? Regardless of how “beginner” or ” advanced” you are? How fulfilled you would be? How relaxed you would be? How happy would you be?

I have been blogging for six years now, making this blog into one of the most popular blogs on WordPress. I managed to take irevuo from a few hundred subscribers to over 5,000 in less than six months.

I have created this program packed with traffic building tips and tricks:

  • The best ways to create engaging content that makes it impossible for readers not to comment on.
  • The best ways to network with fellow bloggers and create connections that will prove to be helpful along the way.
  • The very, very best ways to use social media to your advantage, to boost the reach of your posts.

This program is literally the closest thing to “magically boost your traffic” that you are going to find, EVER!

At this price, and at what I am offering, this is a bargain.

My blogging friends said I was crazy to offer this for such a low price. But, yes, I am going to help you grow your blog to 5K WordPress Followers in 6 months.

But, Cristian, what happens if you don’t?

A Money-Back Guarantee, that’s what happens. If you complete the six month program and do not increase your audience by at least five thousand new readers, you will receive a full refund.

So, what are you waiting for?


Don’t Blog. Write!

I know what you’re thinking.

But I am just a blogger.

First of all, I suggest you give up on the “just.” You’re not just a blogger. You’re the blogger. A blogger. But never just.

Secondly, there’s a bit of writer in you, even though – out of fear – you try to deny it. I know this because you’re reading this post, so you must be a writer. I also know that you are afraid of thinking of yourself as one.

Well… what if I were to tell you that there’s this one thing you need to change, and then you’ll be proud to call yourself a writer?

Would you believe me?

One small thing, that’s all it takes. And then you’ll be a writer for the rest of your life.

Continue reading “Don’t Blog. Write!”