Do Not Try This at Home: The Worst Blogging “Strategy” Ever

A few days ago I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger asking me to take a look at their site. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Ever since starting The Art of Blogging last year, I receive a couple requests like that via e-mail and/or comments on a daily basis.

Usually, I do not have the time or the energy to offer free feedback. Most of my time is spent writing the content I share on this blog and working with those who want to be my clients.

But, well, I clicked on the link I was provided, to discover that the blog in question was very new. Continue reading “Do Not Try This at Home: The Worst Blogging “Strategy” Ever”


Sunday Super Sale

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Well, this is the program for you then.

Six months of receiving feedback and pointers from me, on anything from the visual layout to the content. I’ll be offering you tips and tricks on:

  1. headlines
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And more importantly than all, HOW TO FEEL LIKE A PROPER BLOGSTAR.

If you want to take your blog into the blogging stratosphere, this is the right program for you.

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STOP SETTLING for a few views and one or two comments.


Become a Blogstar is the most comprehensive blogging program ever created.

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Become a Blogstar means:

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  • Guidance in terms of blog topic, blog ideas, articles, etc. This is the fun part. Receive feedback from me on your blog posts, detailed analysis on your articles..
  • Resources: receive all the materials that I release for other programs, bootcamps, paid tutorials, or e-course. And there’s plenty of value in that alone, for this year and the next are going to be busy, busy, busy.


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A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of a Successful Blog

Believe it or not, being successful as a blogger does not mean blogging is somehow easy. Sometimes it can be fun, while other times it can feel like a daunting chore.

The truth is that we often focus obsessively on failure, but don’t realize that success has its own cons as well.

Curious to know how it feels to be a successful blogger? Read on. Continue reading “A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of a Successful Blog”

Are You a Gutless Blogger?

Let me know if this has ever happened to you: after sitting at your desk for what seems like hours, writing and rewriting, trying to communicate an idea, it downs on you that you’re feeling a bit… lost.

You write a paragraph, only to decide that’s not what you really want to say. So then you rewrite it to something you’re reasonably happy with, but then you can’t figure out what comes next.

You sit there thinking about it for a while, becoming increasingly frustrated with yourself. Finally, you just walk away, trying to find some perspective, but when you come back, instead of gaining some clarity, it seems like your ideas are even more muddled than before.

Every writer has been there. Some call it writer’s block. Others say they’ve lost their “creative direction.”

Personally, I think they’ve become gutless. Continue reading “Are You a Gutless Blogger?”

Ten Changes

Do you learn more from mistakes or from what you get right from the first try? But what about the mistakes you’re not even aware of?

Ignorance is bliss, as they say. No, it’s not. Ignorance means making mistakes and calling them fate, then blaming everyone but yourself for your lack of success.

So… when it comes to blogging, what kind of mistakes you’re making?

Not so sure?

I can help.

I’d like to announce a new product today: Ten Changes.

Yup. That’s how it’s called, and it’s all quite simple:

  1. You purchase the product from my e-store.
  2. We get in touch via e-mail.
  3. You send me the link to your blog.
  4. I read your blog posts. Go through your pages. Check out your social media.
  5. I’ll write you ten changes that you need to make in order to take your blogging to a new level.
  6. Nice, right?

The price?

Only $49.99 $34.99.


[Blogging Mindset] Persistence

“My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure.” Abraham Lincoln

Odds are that every new endeavor you are thinking of trying, all the shoulds, all the things you wish you could do, all of those are clouded in fear. You do not know what’s going to happen, whether or not you’re going to be successful, or how long will it take to become successful.

Maybe you’re trying to justify that fear by researching the best strategy. Maybe you’re telling yourself it’s not worth it, you’re not good enough, or that there’s too much competition. Continue reading “[Blogging Mindset] Persistence”

The Art of Blogging E-book: Issues, Lessons, and a Lucky Winner

Hi guys,

Cristian here.

Apparently there have been some issues with the Art of Blogging e-book, mainly because the folks who pre-ordered the book should have received download links via e-mail on the 15th, but many of them have commented or e-mailed me that they haven’t.

I am now trying to clarify this situation and figure out if:

  1. Only some folks didn’t receive their download links
  2. If no one received the download links
  3. If the e-mails were sent by the system, but they ended up in people’s spambox or whatnot.

No worries, though. If needs be, I will be e-mailing each and every single one of you myself and attach the e-book.

Also, I am terribly sorry for this. I have been so busy replying to e-mails that just today I managed to e-mail the winner of the Become a Blogstar program, who wished to remain anonymous.


This is a discount code for 20% off any purchase. As an apology for this misunderstanding. It is available store-wide. Any purchase at all, including reblogs and sponsored posts to be used on my main blog.

My last request, to those of you who have pre-ordered: do check your e-mail inbox, spambox, or any other kind of box-box that might have an e-mail in it, and if there’s no e-mail from my e-store, then you can contact me at, and we will fix things.

P.S. Yes, the discount code can be used with the 0 to 5K Program as well, in order to enroll for an even lower price.

How to Be a Blogger Everyone Listens To

Although I’m a big fan of original content, I also recognize that joining the conversation that other bloggers have started is one of the most important aspects of blogging.

But that requires one skill: the ability to add to the conversation.

While you may not be a rhetorical master, there’s an easy way for anyone to become a persuasive conversational blogger. The key is to offer more than just your opinion, since everyone seems to have one of those. You’ll get better results if you give people something they can relate to at a personal level.

How? Continue reading “How to Be a Blogger Everyone Listens To”