The Magician and the Art of Blogging

A hundred years ago a man walked into a building, climbed all the way to the top floor, put on a straightjacket, and threw himself out of a window. There are two things that are remarkable: The man didn’t die. The building he jumped out off “happened” to be the newspaper office. The next day, everyone in […]

15 Best Blogging Tools for Growing Your Blog

I have a confession to make. For most of my nine year career as a full-time blogger, I’ve been… well… kind of cheap. I didn’t want to invest more than the $15/year on a custom domain. The result? Spending eight hours a day growing my blog the old way: by commenting and engaging with as […]

[Free Guide] 15 Outside-the-Box Ways to Grow Your Audience in 2021

The most common question I get asked by fellow bloggers is, “How do I get more readers?”  Honestly, I’d like to tell you that building a community around your blog is as simple as writing great content, but the bitter truth is that growing a blog, especially in the years to come, will be a […]

50 Ways to Become a Better Blogger

Do you want to improve your game as a blogger?  I know, silly question. Well, in that case, there’s some good news. Well, about 50 of them. Fifty ways that will help you become a better blogger.

How to Use Ikigai to Figure Out Your Blog’s Niche

Figuring out what to blog about is one of the most difficult parts of starting a blog – it seems almost impossible to stick to a few topics. Also, how do you stand out anymore? Whatever topic you choose to blog about, there are at least a thousand or so blogs that are already sharing […]

Lazy Sunday Sale: 50% OFF All Courses, eBooks, and More

Hey, Cristian here. We’re kicking off the launch of our new platform with a 50% sale. Simply use discount code LAZYSUNDAY when checking out. Oh, and the discount also works with XYZ Premium and All-Access memberships, which gives you access to a ton of courses, tutorials, and more. Check out our platform here.

New Platform

Hey, So, if you were ever enrolled in one of our courses or purchased an eBook or tutorial, odds are you received an email to set up an account on a new platform. Yes, we switched platforms for a number of reasons: To build a community around certain types of content. To give folks the […]

The Honest Truth About What It Takes to Earn a Living Blogging

I don’t write about making money as a blogger that often, mostly because I believe there’s a lot of misinformation (and some downright counterproductive advice) out there, and aspiring bloggers tend to build some unrealistic expectations. For instance, the notion that blogging is a source of passive income. There’s nothing passive about making money as […]

[Freebie] The Stages of Writing a Blog Post: Quick Guide

Hey guys, I’ve got a surprise for you. A quick and visual guide to help you go through the various stages of writing a blog post, from punching those keys to write the first draft to clicking the publish button and sharing it on social media. It’s got some really cool info, and you can […]

Lovin’ It

Yeah, I had no idea what headline to use. In any case, the Blogging 101: Crash Course has received its first review (less than 24 hours after its re-release.) This course is something I’ve worked hard on, and if you’re fast, it’s yours forever for only $9.99. Tomorrow, the price goes up to $19.99. Click […]

Personality Archetypes and the Art of Blogging

Do you ever think about what people say about you when you’re not around? If you were to use just one word to define it, what word would you use? If it’s “good,” maybe you’re an Innocent. If it’s “awesome,” maybe you’re a Hero. If you know that people will say good and bad things […]

The Art of Writing a Fantastic Article per Week

Tell me if this has ever happened to you: it’s Monday morning, and you’re ready to get some writing done. In your head, you’re already publishing a blockbuster article. The only thing that’s missing is the red carpet. But then you sit at your desk. That damn blank page reflects the image of a creatively […]

[Infographic] The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

The human body is a wonderfully complex mechanism, complete with gauges, systems, and a support structure. It is, in fact, so brilliant in its execution, that we can learn and use some of the same principles to help us on our quest to write the perfect blog post. The infographic below contains a breakdown of […]

The Art of Crafting an Irresistible Headline

What is the first thing you notice when browsing a blog’s front page? What grabs your attention when reading news articles? What makes you want to click on a link? Yes, headlines are that important. They act as a hook that attracts our readers, gets them to click on our articles, and give our words […]

How to Write a Blockbuster Article

Be honest. You often dream of writing an epic blog post, the kind that gets shared thousands of times, liked, tweeted, and pinned, commented on by hundreds of other bloggers… in other words, you wish to write the type of blog post that goes viral. Unfortunately, you have yet to manage writing such an article. […]

A Simple Way of Beating Perfectionism

Okay, I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m the Anti-Perfectionist. Yeah, capitalized. I don’t worry about perfection, I don’t strive for it. I’m just having fun, writing my ideas into existence, and then clicking on the publish button. That’s about it. But I do have to tell you that my girlfriend, on the other […]

7 Unconventional Questions That Will Change Your Blogging Game

As the cliché goes, if you want better answers, you should ask better questions. The right questions at the right time can help you become aware of your mistakes, adjust your strategy, and begin your journey towards the blogging stratosphere. No, seriously. The right questions at the right time… Okay, let’s stop fooling around. Here’s […]


That’s how many people enrolled in the Blogging 101: Crash Course in the last 24 hours. The response has been genuinely amazing. I honestly thought I’d just get a dozen or so people to enroll, and I’d send out a few invites to friends and such, but… well… Thank you! It’s not as easy as […]

The #1 Thing You Need to Succeed As a Blogger

With a headline like that, you’re probably wondering what is this most important, phenomenally crucial, aspect you need to make it as a blogger. If you’re like most people, you probably think it’s: creating fantastic content understanding SEO networking a lot with other bloggers being aware of some shortcut or growth hack Nope, it’s neither […]

Introducing: The 0 to 5,000 Readers Program

What if I told you there’s this cool one-on-one program that tells you what to do in order to grow your blog? We’re talking about someone to guide you every step of the way. So you don’t have to waste time reading through tons of outdated blog posts. If you want to build a genuine community around […]

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