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Do you have like a million unpublished drafts? And do you hesitate before you publish something online?

Let me tell you something. Writing isn’t that hard. But it’s us writers who make it seem so terrifying.

And because we get in our own way, we struggle with self-doubt. We talk ourselves out of clicking the damn publish button. “It’s not that important! I don’t have to publish this! Do I?”

Yes, you do. You need to get over those types of self-sabotage and start publishing more. Over the past decade, I’ve consistently published articles and books every year. I learned to not let anyone stop me: no gatekeepers, no publishers, no editors.

It takes thick skin to succeed as a blogger.

Creating a foundation takes time. Learning to write blockbuster articles takes time. Finding readers takes time. Building a loyal audience takes time.

There are no shortcuts. I’ve gone through the journey from zero to a substantial audience, and let me tell you this: Succeeding as a blogger is hard. Earning a living with your words is hard. Writing content that makes an impact on people’s lives is hard. You get the idea!

That’s why so many people give up midway and say things like, “It’s not for me.”

But from what I’ve seen, people fail not because they’re bad writers. They just didn’t use the right strategies. They repeat the same mistakes, often unconsciously, and they blame their results on the idea that they’re not “good enough.”

Every person who starts something will face failure along the way. And you don’t have to turn it into a huge thing. You can always change your approach. When your writing doesn’t make an impact on people, go back to the basics. Focus on your skills and don’t bother with “hacks.”

We can’t expect everything to work out immediately. What matters is that you improve as a blogger. If your writing is getting better even just a bit, you’ll reap the rewards at some point. The challenge is to not give up before you get there.

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Cristian Mihai
Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.
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  1. Thank you, I really needed this.

    It’s also another reminder to visit other blogs. There’s just so much to learn from others.

  2. You said it in a nut shell….. It takes thick skin to succeed as a blogger. Blessings Always.

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