Why Do Most Bloggers Fail To Earn Money?

Before you even begin to design a product you want to sell, regardless of the type of product, you must understand the dynamics involved that turn a reader into a customer.

Most bloggers mistakenly believe that monetizing a blog is as simple as:

Most bloggers fail to make money online for one of two reasons:

1. They fail to focus on parts of their offer that help people survive/thrive (all stories are about some form of survival: physical, emotional, relational, spiritual)

2. They make people work too hard to understand what they offer.

The term sales funnel is just as harmful to bloggers as traffic. Trying to get a faceless crowd to purchase a product is the same as trying to get the same faceless crowd to engage with your content. 

If you believe that a product, even a great one, will sell itself, that all you have to do is build something, sell it, and that customer will come, I’m sorry to say this to you, but you’re living in La La Land.

Your product is only as powerful as the story you tell as to why it exists, how it can help people, and how it came to be.

And this is what The Art of Blogpreneurship is all about.

We’re not made of atoms, we’re made of stories.

And you’ve got to tell a great story to get people to purchase anything from you, be it a digital product, or even click on that affiliate link you just shared.

Why should they care if you don’t?

If you’ve been struggling to earn money from your blog… 

If you’re hoping to generate an income online, and you haven’t already pre-enrolled in The Art of Blogpreneurship, then you’re absolutely leaving money on the table.

One, because right now, you pay less than half to enroll.

And, secondly, chances are good that you’re facing an all-too-common dilemma: how to “crack the code” of monetization and generate an income from the audience you’ve been building.

Maybe you worry that generating an income from your own products requires an awful lot of timeenergy, and a clear sense of what your audience wants and needs.

On top of that, you may fret that creating your own products will make it seem like you’re “selling out” and could damage the trust you’ve so carefully built with your audience.

Sadly, it’s easy to damage the relationship you’ve built with your audience in the process of earning a bit of money.

That’s why I created The Art of Blogpreneurship.

This course is your one-stop shop to become a marketing powerhouse, a master copywriter, and a savvy online entrepreneur.

The Art of Blogpreneurship is built on 107 lessons across 15 distinct modules that will guide you in how to:

  • create products your audience will want and use.
  • pick the best platforms and tools for designing, marketing, and selling your products and services.
  • Build “product trust” with an audience, even if you’ve always felt selling was kind of sleazy.
  • Use the power of social proof to accelerate your success…

…and many more rules, tools, and strategies that make the difference between a blogger who struggles to earn a bit of money and a true blogpreneur.

I want you to get paid for your efforts AND be thanked by your audience for it. That’s the goal, and I’m here to help you make it happen.

What do you say?


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