The Most Underrated Two-Step Process for Growing Your Audience “Organically”3 min read

When asked about their short and long-term blogging goals, the vast majority of our members responded, “More readers.”

Or somewhere along that line.

And it makes sense.

Our bestselling course is aptly called, From 0 to 5,000 Readers in 6 Months.

There’s a plethora of advice on the web on how to optimize your content for search engines, how to use social media channels, how to become an expert at email marketing.

But the truth is that most of those tactics and strategies won’t work for the novice blogger.

You can put in place the best funnel ever, but if there’s absolutely no exposure, and there are no breadcrumbs around the web leading first-time visitors to your blog, it won’t matter.

So, what can you do as a beginner blogger?

Well, here’s a simple two-step process that, in my opinion, is so underrated these days that it might just help you a lot more than all the other growth strategies combined.

Step One: Find 10 Influential Blogs Within Your Niche

The first step is to find ten influential blogs within your niche.

Since we’re looking for authority figures, it’s easy to find them.

All you have to do is:

  • Use Google to search for your blogs niche (“travel blog,” “food blog,” etc.)
  • Use Google to search for related keywords (extract some keywords from the headlines of your own articles)
  • Go on social media and search for related hashtags, tags, categories, etc.

This is the first step of the process. Write down a list of ten blogs you find.

Pro-tip: The thing with popular blogs is that they usually mention, link, featured, and interview other influential bloggers within their niche, so it becomes quite the rabbit hole. Most often than not, you only need to find one popular blog, and then you’ll find a lot of other bloggers as you go through their content.

Step Two: Find 10 Readers for Each Blog

How do you do that?


You go through the comments section of each of those blogs. Maybe try to find their most popular articles (they usually receive the most comments), and choose 10 comments.

Usually there’s a Gravatar profile you can check, so it’s easy to find out if they have a blog as well.

To be honest, there are usually so many comments to choose from on popular blogs that you can easily find those 10 readers who share the links to their blogs at the end of their comments.

10X10 = 100

There you go. You now have 100 potential readers you can engage with, and since they take their time to interact with the most popular bloggers within your niche, they’re far more likely to respond to your comments.

How you choose to engage with them is up to you, but I suggest going through their content and commenting. As simple as that.

Finding readers is easy.

On the other hand, investing the time and energy to interact with them in a way that compels them to check out your blog… that’s not what most bloggers are willing to do.

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  1. Great tips! Seems so simple but its not something I’ve ever thought of doing. Great way to find inspiration for your own blog as well!

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