Trends #7: Paid Communities4 min read

Community-building is an integral element of a blog’s success. Now and always. But the problem is that a community without a barrier to entry will soon become noisy.

Defined as a safe environment for people interested in building relationships that nurture growth, a community must first be built around a business model to sustain its growth, rather than mindlessly pursue as many members as possible.

The Price Is the Incentive

Because a community requires an upfront financial investment, its members are also more willing to invest time and energy to engage others within the community.

At the same time, community builders are able to invest in better experiences, providing a much more successful framework for growth.

The more expensive an experience, the more they value it.

Barriers change these groups. Members are more engaged, more engaging. They aim to justify their investments. They are interested but also interesting.

Tools and Platforms

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