Creativity and the Art of Blogging10 min read

Would you like to be more creative?

I’m only asking because it’s really not as hard or mysterious as you might think.

You might believe that creativity is determined by your intelligence, or by something even more difficult to define, like destiny.

Not really.

In truth, creativity is something you learn. It’s a matter of how you approach things, how you act and react to changes in your environment, and it all comes down to your willingness to question, experiment, and take chances.

In other words, creativity is not something you are but rather something you do. Passionately. Consistently. With no regard for failure.

Think of creativity as a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. To increase your creativity, you simply need to “act” like a creative person. Not surprisingly, people recognized as creative tend to share common traits.

Highly creative people do the following:

  1. Have the COURAGE to try new things and risk failure. Every big breakthrough starts as an idea.
  2. Use INTUITION as well as logic to make decisions and produce ideas. The heart knows things that the brain kind of overlooks, and vice versa.
  3. Like to PLAY, since humor and fun are the ultimate creative act. Which is to say you just have to lighten up. When you enjoy yourself, your brain relaxes and is able to produce more and better ideas. One of those ideas may be just what you’re looking for. (P.S. For a super in-depth view of how play shapes the creative brain, check out this book.)
  4. Are EXPRESSIVE and willing to share what they feel and think, to be themselves. Blogging is the ideal arena for injecting your personality into your work. People are emotional creatures and respond better to people who appear real, honest, and open. Not only is it more interesting, but it can also be more persuasive.
  5. Can DISCOVER hidden meaning in the information they accumulate. Information is to the brain what food is to the stomach. The so-called “writer’s block” or creative burnout almost always results from…

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