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Admit it. You’ve asked yourself this question at least once since you started to blog. Maybe even twice.

Perhaps you ask yourself this question every single time you write your heart out, only to get little to no traffic. No comments. You’re not getting the kind of feedback you were hoping for when you decided to start your blog.

To make matters worse, you’ve done all the things popular bloggers say to do, like publishing great content and commenting on other popular blogs and distributing your content on Twitter and Facebook, but no matter how hard you work, no matter how many different techniques you try, nothing is working.

So you ask yourself…

Where did I go wrong?

Is it possible that you have chosen a niche for your blog that no one gives a damn about?

Are you simply wasting your time trying to keep your blog alive?

Well… let’s find out.

Signs You May Have Chosen the Wrong Niche

The truth is that no one can say for sure if a niche is bad or not, but there are certain signs. You can get by with one or two, but if you find yourself doing the majority of these mistakes, then you might be in trouble.

Take a look through this list to see which ones apply to you:

1. Your topic is not popular enough. Here’s how to test the viability of your topic: if there’s a How-To For Dummies book already written about it, the topic is probably popular enough. Another way to test this is to try to find bloggers with audiences of over 50,000 followers within your niche.

2. You get comments from less than 1% of your visitors. Bare minimum, you should get comments from 1 in 100 visitors. That’s about twenty comments for two thousand unique visitors. At least. If you’re not even in the 1% range, chances are your topic of choice is not engaging enough.

3. You’re trying to connect incompatible topics. Let’s say you have a blog about self-publishing and photography. The two are incompatible. The ones who are fans of your photography couldn’t care less about your posts on self-publishing, and vice-versa. The thing is, you’re not pleasing anyone with this.

Pro-tip: When connecting two different topics, both as a way to come up with unique article ideas and as a way to stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to be aware of the fact that it’s not an issue of “or” but rather of “and.” What does this mean? Both your topics have to appeal to your target audience. People will follow you if they’re interested in both topics, not if they’re interested in either one of them.

This means that, yes, you’re effectively limiting your reach by choosing to connect two seemingly unrelated topics.

4. You’re in a niche of (almost) one. Here’s the thing. If there’s no one else who blogs about the same topics and has a large following, then you’re probably writing about the wrong topic. If there are no Facebook Pages, Groups, or books written about this topic, then it’s not going to be popular enough. You’ve managed to find the kind of niche no one cares about.

5 You’ve run out of new ideas to write about. If you’ve been blogging for less than a year, and you already have to rehash the same old topics over and over again, your niche may be too narrow.

6. You own less than five books on your topic. Sometimes, you can find a perfectly viable niche, but it’s not viable for you. The simplest way to tell? Look over on your bookshelf, and count how many books you own on that particular topic. If it’s fewer than five, it probably means you’re not passionate enough about it. Bloggers who are successful over the long term are obsessed with their topic, and they’ve read everything they can get their hands on.

7. When you have to write a new blog post, it feels like a chore. If you’d much rather go fishing, even though you don’t like the taste or smell of fish, than finish your blog post, then you may have chosen the wrong topic. If it happens occasionally, it’s okay — we all have off days — but if none of the blog posts you write get your heart pumping, you need to find a different topic, quick.

So, Does This Mean You Have To Give Up on Your Blog?

No, not really.

Anybody can look at this list and talk themselves into giving up if that’s what they feel like doing

The truth is, many blogs, mine included, succeed despite being guilty of nearly every warning sign on this list, and some blogs that seem to get everything right flop.

You never know, unless you try.

But what should you do if you’re worried you chose the wrong topic?

My advice is to think. Do a bit of research using the warning signs above as guideposts, and ask yourself what it all means.

Becoming a popular blogger isn’t about luck. It’s about having the right strategy and the discipline to employ it. It’s about working your butt off to make it happen.

Get these right, be passionate about your topic, and you can carve yourself a niche.

Mindset Tip: Either find a way or make one.

Keep your head high, do some thinking, work your butt off, and most importantly, believe in yourself. If you’re determined, and you persevere, you will get there eventually.

And when you do, it’ll all be worth it.

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  1. Important guidelines Christian 👍🏻

  2. Christine Sponsler
    Christine Sponsler

    OMGeepers, you read my mind. I know this is meant for everyone, but boy did it certainly hit home with me right now. Talk to you soon 😀

  3. I am reading your blog to get the mindset you have.

    Yes, I’m working on my original idea but I need the wide perspective you have. It seems easier now to live long in this blogging world here.

    Thank you Christian for writing this post.

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