How To Spend $1 and Get $44 in Return4 min read

Be honest. If you knew of a surefire way of investing $1 to get $44 in return, what would you do? Wouldn’t you go all-in, investing as much as possible, trying to scale as fast as possible?

What if I were to tell you there’s such an option out there? And what if I were to tell you that all you have to do is learn a tool, work on developing a few skills (nothing to worry about!), and then you’re set to earn and keep earning…

What is this magical endeavor that promises such high returns?

Email marketing. Still the king among distribution channels. Still absolutely indispensable if you’re serious about blogging.

I know what you’re thinking… but isn’t email dead?

Far from it.

Actually, email is not even slowing down, let alone going away. The average person checks their email about 15 times per day. They also spend around 352 minutes (about five hours and 52 minutes) each day going through emails.

Compare that to the 153 minutes they spend on social media, and you get the sense that email is probably one of the distribution channels you’ve got to take advantage of.

Still not convinced?

Let me share with you a scenario I wish would never happen to you. Let’s imagine you never use email marketing. At all. And you rely on all the other platforms. Social media. Blogging platforms. The platforms of other bloggers and content creators, whenever you publish guest posts, get featured or interviewed by them.

But what if there’s an algorithm change to a social media platform? What if search engines decide to penalize your website? What if other platforms ban you?

And there’s this other thing… email provides you the most direct line of communication with your audience. That makes it crucial for converting first-time visitors into subscribers, and then turning them into paying customers, which is why email is not going anywhere anytime soon.

But there’s a lot more about email marketing

Email marketing is a distribution channel you own (I wrote about distribution channels here.) Not happy with your email service provider? Easy. Export your list and switch platforms.

And, then, five minutes later, you’re using a different platform.

What else?

Audience segmentation.

That’s a big one.

You see, when you publish a new article, it goes out to everyone who’s subscribed to your blog. Everyone who visits your blog can read it.

But the vast majority of email marketing providers allow you to segment your list, based on any number of characteristics.

This is huge. Really.

You can break down your audience based on a number of characteristics, so you make sure that you send them articles that they’re far more likely to engage with, or present them special offers that truly makes them think, “it feels like they’re reading my mind.”

It’s almost like magic.

And if you use some basic automations with that, you basically turbocharge your blog. You are able to create fantastic welcome series for your readers, or offer an email course, or provide assistance to a certain segment of your audience. This is phenomenal.

Ready to take advantage of email marketing?

If you’re just starting out with email (and struggling) or are a complete novice, or you want to perfect your email marketing strategy, I’ve got to tell you about my latest course, Email Marketing Masterclass.

Email Marketing Masterclass provides you with a simple and effective framework that will not just help you grow your list, but help you generate more revenue, because, let’s face it, even though email has been around for a long, long time, it’s still one of the best ways to reach out to your audience.

Over 60 different lessons, tutorials, and guides, to help take you from the basics and beyond them.

And, guess how much it costs to enroll?

Only $39.

Take advantage of this price and get lifetime access to the course and all its future updates.

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