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Imagine this!

Each of us with a cup of coffee in their hands, talking over Skype. Brainstorming strategies for your blog. Me offering you valuable feedback you can then apply the moment we end our call. Having a bit of fun.

Truth be told, I do enjoy one-on-one interactions with people. And the way they feel as I present them with answers to their most burning questions, or give them advice that shatters their objections.

That’s why I am offering the first 5 of you a $100 coupon you can use to book a 60-minute one-on-one call over Skype/Zoom with me.

Fun stuff!

Here’s how it all happens:

If you’re interested, you can click here to get started and book your one-on-one call with me. Don’t forget to use this code when checking out for a $100 discount: COFFEEWITHCRISTIAN.

If you’re still not sure, read on.

After you book your call, we’ll get in touch within 24 hours via e-mail, and I’ll ask you for a few details about your blog. Nothing too fancy.

Then I will go through your blog, will read your articles, and provide you with detailed written feedback within the next 72 hours.

After you go through your feedback, you can book your call with me.

It’s something that I have a lot of fun doing, and it’s valuable advice, specifically tailored to your blog, your niche, and your writing style.

The price?

It’s usually $149. But if you’re among the first 5 people to book a call, you can use code COFFEEWITHCRISTIAN for $100 off.

Still not sure?

Here’s what Elizabeth Ricketson had to say about working with me:

Deciding to work with a blogging coach was a big decision for me so finding the right coach was imperative. I had been following The Art of Blogging for a number of months as had been others but Cristian’s posts and website seemed to ring true to me. I had a bit of a flail going and since I knew I needed help I reached out to Cristian and so pleased that I did. His response was immediate and more importantly professionally thoughtful. I knew I was in good hands as he delivered on all promises and before I knew it I was sharing articles and ideas. Cristian’s feedback was honest and thorough while providing valuable tools to improve my work. When you work with someone who genuinely wants to see your writing succeed it is thrilling.

The actual zoom call was incredible. I had my list of questions which Cristian addressed and expanded upon providing me with much to think about. A huge benefit was the information I received for the questions I didn’t know to ask. Cristian gave me so many ideas on how to navigate the world of blogging specific to my writing that I will be forever grateful. I felt free to ask any questions as he listened and professionally advised …the best investment I have made and look forward to working more with Cristian in the future.

It’s less than what others in my niche ask for when it comes to one-on-one consultations, and I price this one-on-one service so low for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want you to strain yourself financially, especially during these tough times.
  2. I am getting back into the game, after a few months of not working one-on-one with others.

If you’d like to work with me, someone who’s built some of the most successful blogs on WordPress.com, you can click here to book your call.

P.S. Be sure to use discount code COFFEEWITHCRISTIAN for $100 off.

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