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Welcome to Trends, where we discuss the trends that are going to shape the world of blogging in the next 5 to 10 years. Today’s topic is all about topics and niches. Specifically, hyperniche blogs. We now live in a world of constant information overload. Content creators are sharing millions and millions of articles, podcasts, social media posts, and videos every single monthThis, in turn, changes the dynamic of how we create content, how we distribute it, how we promote it, and even how we monetize our blogs. The main issue? Broad topics lack the focus, the direction, and are becoming less and less appealing. The most lucrative niches are overcrowded and ultra-competitive, and a general blog that tackles a main topic (or a multitude of topics) has little to no chance of standing out from the crowd.

The Struggle

The game of blogging is a “winner takes it all” game by design, meaning that most niches are dominated by a couple of popular blogs. These publications have the resources, the access, and the platforms to produce higher quality articles than 99.9% of all newcomers. As an example, a technology blog that aims to review smartphones, laptops, and such will struggle to gain traction because it is difficult to get timely access to new hardware, and it is often costly to do so, as review units aren’t made available to them. At the same time, the most popular online outlets have the capacity to create a lot of derivative content, thus expanding both their appeal and their reach. Producing a podcast series or growing a YouTube channel around your main topic will prove to be difficult.


  • Most niches are overcrowded and ultra-competitive.
  • The average reader is far less likely to subscribe to blogs that cater to a broad niche/target audience.
  • Standing out from the crowd is more difficult than ever before, with premium publications sharing advice from top content creators.
  • The sheer quantity of quality content makes it difficult to present “quality” as a unique selling proposition.
  • Most readers within a certain niche are becoming more and more specialized, and they are looking for specific content to help them solve specific problems.

The Future

  • Hyperniche blogs make it easy for bloggers to create content, promote, and monetize.
  • Hyperniche blogs offer a clear and concise definition of the value they offer to potential readers, making it a split-second decision whether a first-time visitor is interested or not.
  • As more and more blogs are launched, the most popular blogs within a certain niche will act more as content aggregators and curators, with the rest of the blogs creating content.

How to Build the Future

  • Focus on a niche within a niche. Think locally, think in terms of helping readers solve a particular problem. Birch, Please! helps Etsy creators sell and promote their products.
  • Design an attractive personality archetype. Most online publications lack this, as they have multiple editors and contributors.
  • Build a community around your content. Paid or otherwise.
  • Add value by engaging directly with your readers, offering them free one-on-one coaching or similar perks.

The Power of Specificity

Rather than venture outwards by adding related topics to your content library, your content strategy should…

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