Trends #3: The Trojan Horse Strategy17 min read

Alexander the Great was a supremely talented battle tactician. Yet, his often convoluted strategies were used only to mask a simple endgame. He deployed his significantly smaller army in a way that would allow him and his best cavalry to break through the enemy’s battle formations and try to capture or kill the Persian emperor.

That was it. He knew there was only one way to defeat a significantly superior fighting force: by going after the commander of the opposing army.

What does that have to do with blogging?

Well… all the popular niches are dominated by bloggers who have the authority and social proof of a large audience and an impressive portfolio of content.

This means networking requires a bit more than showing up to comment “great post!” on every single article you come across. You need an alternative strategy.

You need to capitalize on the audiences other bloggers have built, and get them to share their platforms with you, whether that means guest blogging for them, interviewing them (or getting interviewed by them), or collaborating with them on certain projects.

But how do you do that? How do you successfully pitch the most popular bloggers in your niche?

You deploy the Trojan horse strategy.

Why You Need to Deploy a Trojan Horse

The average blogger spends most of their time laboring over new posts. They write, edit, proofread, add images and graphics, and then they click the publish button.

But what can they do after than in order to promote their articles?

Most bloggers struggle to gain traction because they are effectively writing in a void. They don’t share their the world.

Now, 99% of bloggers discover, at one point or another, just how important it is to connect with other bloggers. Making friends, building relationships, and leveraging those relationships.

Well, the truth is that nowadays it’s no longer enough to try to make friends with everyone, but rather try to engage those who can best help you grow your audience.

This, yes, means that you’ve got to find a way to build connections with the most popular bloggers within your niche.

At the same time, as the vast majority of bloggers are trying to get more traffic to their blogs by commenting on other blogs, it’s become increasingly difficult to stand out, especially on the most popular blogs within your niche.


  • Most niches are oversaturated by bloggers who comment simple one-liners to attract attention.
  • As most niches are overcrowded, it’s become of crucial necessity to build and leverage relationships with authority figures within your niche.
  • Since blogging is a “winner takes all” game by default, most readers will look towards those popular bloggers for recommendations on which bloggers to read.
  • Social proof matters more than ever, as all the popular and lucrative niches are dominated by experienced bloggers, so it’s important to leverage those relationships in order to build an audience.

The Future

  • Communities will form around groups of bloggers who help one another out.
  • The average blogger will often struggle to build an audience as the 3 most popular avenues for growth (social media, ads, and search engines) will become less and less effective.

How to Build the Future

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