Why Should We Read Your Blog?3 min read

There are 36,260,021 blogs indexed on WordPress.com alone. Wait a sec. Make that 36,260,131.

And there are a lot more self-hosted blogs, or on different platforms.

About a million blog posts get published every 24 hours. Every topic, every theme, and every subject has been exhaustively covered by hundreds of blogs.

So why should anyone read yours?

Getting noticed seems impossible. But there are blogs that rise up out of that vast sea of sameness. Blogs started by people just like you. You don’t necessarily need great writing talent, although it’s worth developing the talent you have. You don’t need to be able to break the latest tech news or celebrity gossip. And you don’t need to already be famous.

You do need to find something interesting that only you can say, then say it clearly and repeatedly. Here are some ideas for lifting your content out of the limitless ocean of blog mediocrity.

Don’t write in a tired space

Think twice before you start a blog whose sole focus is on affiliate marketing, your adoration of Apple products, or, yes, blogging itself.

It’s not that there’s too much competition. Competition is a great thing. The problem is how rarely anyone approaches these subjects with a truly fresh eye.

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