10 Questions Every Novice Blogger Should Ask Themselves4 min read

The truth about writing is that it’s 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration; a good writer starts with a quick burst of creativity and spends the rest of their time refining and editing those initial ideas.

This ratio of creating vs. editing time helps clarify your ideas so your audience understands your point of view.

To help you in these crucial editing stages, I think that it’s important to ask yourself some questions so you can make an honest, constructive and critical appraisal of a blog post work before publishing it.

Asking these simple questions could mean the difference between a hastily written blog article that remains obscure and a well-written, influential, and engaging article that courts a loyal audience with ease.

1. How fast can my readers understand what my post is about?

Most web readers decide whether they want to read your post or not within the first minute. Make sure you have the right content, links, images or titles in place to communicate your blog post’s purpose as concisely as possible.

2. Does my blog offer something novel or unexpected?

Does your content bring anything new to table? Will it entice readers?

You should always aspire to find new perspectives when approaching your subject matter. Be honest with yourself and question the originality of your work. If you find that there are many articles and discussions in the blogosphere nearly identical to yours, try taking a different approach. For instance, if you write about blogging and “how to increase traffic” is a popular subject, try writing a post on “how not to increase traffic.”

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