The Art of Crafting an Irresistible Headline4 min read

What is the first thing you notice when browsing a blog’s front page?

What grabs your attention when reading news articles? What makes you want to click on a link?

Yes, headlines are that important. They act as a hook that attracts our readers, gets them to click on our articles, and give our words a bit of time and attention.

Yet, most bloggers work hard on a post, and only before they hit that “Publish” button do they stop for a while to think about their article’s title.

It’s not how this works.

First the headline, then everything else.


Because a bad or even generic headline means your article is doomed to go largely unread.

What makes a great headline?

An irresistible headline should:

  • Provide some sense of what your post is about to the reader
  • Elicit curiosity as to what benefit your article will provide
  • Convey the idea that this post is somehow unique
  • Urge the reader to read the post RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Ask yourself these questions before you write your headline:

  1. Does your headline make it clear to the reader as to what’s in it for them if they read the post?
  2. What could you add to make your headline more intriguing and believable?
  3. Does your headline trigger a strong, actionable emotion?

Some even say that you should spend half of the entire time it takes to write a blog post on the headline. So, if you have a blog post that is really important to you, one that you really want people to read, you should obsess over your article’s title.

It takes work and focus, but the effort will ensure that as many people as possible read your posts.

tl, dr?

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Readers prefer straightforward, short, and simple titles to cute or cryptic ones. They want to know what the post is about, what to expect.

It’s worth it.

Communicate Meaning

Like I said, it’s essential for readers to know what your post is about. Otherwise, they might not take the time to read it.

This is not just about SEO, it’s not about pleasing the algorithms to land one the first page, but it’s also about clearly defining your topic.

What is your post about?

How would someone who has never read it go about if they were to search the web for that kind of content?

Grab Attention With Numbers

I’d say this is the most important aspect. And one of the most overlooked.


Because odds are that your post is one of many on the same topic, and your headline is your best chance to distinguish it from others like it.

Imagine yourself searching for articles on a search engine or news aggregator — what would make you click your link?

Numbers convey multiple things at once:

  1. A sense of authority and data-driven content (even though that may not be the case)
  2. A perspective of how long it will take to go through the article (especially when skimming)

The Balancing Act

There’s one aspect of headline writing that baffles most bloggers.

It seems that, in order to make readers curious, the only valid approach is the clickbait title, withholding valuable information as to what the article is all about.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding of how curiosity works.

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  1. I can always count on you to share tips that helps. Thank you so much. I do look forward to seeing your posts. It’s already chaotic, navigating this blogging community. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

  2. Here I was wanting to just bear my soul in my posts, and you tell me I need actually say something useful for my audience. That’s fantastic advice. Thank you.

  3. These are really great tips! Thanks for sharing. I sometimes overthink with headlines. So I saved this post to come back to when I need inspiration ☺️ Would you mind if I mention this link in a related post? With all credit to you of course.

  4. Nice and useful tips..

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  6. It is indeed very true that we read headlines more than one occasion. I spent considerable amount of time reading my own like a unknown person. If it doesn’t register in the head, the article is indeed doomed.
    The best I can quote here is from Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck”.

  7. Great post, thanks for sharing:) have a great day!

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