7 Key Differences Between an Artist of Blogging and an Amateur6 min read

Do you sit around waiting for the muse to inspire you? Do you have trouble punching the damn keys? Do you often struggle to stay consistent? Are you looking for that magic trick that will turn you into a blogging superstar?

What about your content? Is it good enough? Why isn’t it great?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you might either be an artist of blogging or an amateur.

But what better way to find out than to go through the seven key differences between an amateur and someone who punches the damn keys like an artist, right?

1. Amateurs wait for inspiration. Artists go after it.

It’s been said that we need to either be inspired or desperate in order to be creative.

This is the one rule that amateurs love to use to justify their lack of success.

“Can’t force it.”

Yes, you can.

Inspiration comes with action. You must get to work on creating content before inspiration finds you.

The confidence to show up, sit at your desk, and punch those damn keys comes from your commitment to act regardless of how you feel.

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