Content Is No Longer King3 min read

Let me tell you a story. A couple of years ago someone plagiarized most of my articles.

First, I felt outraged. It was, after all, my work they had stolen, but as I went through all of these articles, I noticed something.

There were no comments on these posts. No likes. Nothing.

The same articles that got hundreds of likes and comments on my blog…

It was as if they didn’t even exist, as if they had been published into the black hole of the internet.

Content is no longer king, I’m afraid. Content is cheap, almost worthless. Even brilliant content. Everything worth writing about was written about by people who were born long before us.

“Content is king” has been a mantra for creatives for so long that there’s so much great content out there, that it doesn’t even matter.

You can write great content and spend the next 5 years struggling to get to 100 followers.

I know a couple brilliant bloggers who are stuck at 50-something followers.

The best bloggers I know, the kind of people who share truly unique content, and amazing ideas, and they write with the kind of skill that requires decades to master, they usually struggle to get to 5,000 readers.

I’m sorry, but content is no longer king.

I hate to break it to you, but the one thing that matters is your online reputation.

What makes my writing stand out is that I am the one who’s writing it. If I share it on my blog, my name, the social proof that comes with publishing a piece of content on a blog followed by over 140,000 people, that’s all that matters.

Content is cheap these days… almost worthless.

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