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With the average cost-per-click ranging from $0.45 to as high as $4, promoting your content on social media and running ads to get more views and attract more readers is becoming an investment in and of itself.

Factor in the plethora of options to tweak, and the science behind running a successful ad campaign on social media, and it soon feels like it’s not worth it.

That’s what Quuu Promote is trying to fix, a platform that offers you a ton of social media shares (and clicks) for a fixed monthly price.

What is Quuu Promote?

Quuu Promote is one side of very interesting business model.

First of all, they offer curated content for those who are interested in sharing content on social media to grow their platforms.

Secondly, those who are interested in Quuu Promote can get that content shared by the people who want to share links on social media to grow their platforms.

A sort of win-win-win situation, in which the promoter, the sharer, and Quuu get what they want:

  1. The promoter pays a fixed monthly fee (starting at $50) for hundreds (even thousands) of social shares, for an effective cost-per-click on less than a cent.
  2. The sharer gets to curate high-quality content with their social media audience.
  3. Quuu gets paid by both parties.

Seriously, this business model is rather clever.

Now, let’s talk about setting up an account and all that.

Choosing a Plan: One of Two Options

Quuu Promote‘s platform is as simple and straightforward as they come.

As a matter of fact, you can get started within 30 minutes or so.

After you create your account, the first thing you’ve got to do is choose your monthly plan.

Now, for someone who hasn’t used the platform (and since Quuu Promote, for obvious reasons, doesn’t offer a free trial,) it might seem like an impossible task to choose the right plan.

My advice is this:

a. If you have a rather large portfolio of older articles you plan to promote, and you don’t want to republish them, go with the $50/month plan.

b. At the same time, if you always publish articles that you want to get shared (and they adhere to Quuu’s set of guidelines), it might be worth it to go for the $75/month plan.

c. If you frequently publish promotional articles, or host contents/giveaways, then it’s best to go with the $50 plan, as most (or all) of those articles will get rejected for promotion.

Personally, the $50/month plan gives me the chance to manually tweak your posts, change the featured image, and add more relevant quotes from my articles, while also enabling me to choose which articles I want to submit for promotion.

Also, we’re talking about spending a maximum of 5 minutes to submit a new article to the platform…

The Platform: Simple, Clean, Beginner Friendly

Setting up an account on Quuu Promote is as simple as creating an account, adding your blog’s address, and…

That’s about it.


The platform is incredibly simple, clean, and easy to use (with a cool dark mode option if you’re into that).

You select a blog post among the most recent ones on your blog (or submit a new link), choose the category you want to promote it in.

And then you get to work on tweaking with your social media posts.

You can add up to 3 different variations for each social media platform (similar to Missinglettr’s Curate, Quuu only promotes your articles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).

Next, you just submit your article.

Now, one thing that felt rather greedy was this option to pay $20 to skip the wait time (your article has to be manually approved by Quuu’s content team.), and to be honest, wait times have been excellent, with the vast majority of articles I’ve submitted being approved within less than 24 hours.

Quuu Promote’s dark mode

Once your article is approved for promotion, you receive an email:

And that’s it.

That’s literally it.

One thing though: the standard is, indeed, 30 days of promotion for each article, but most of the articles I’ve submitted have been extended to 1 year. Also, you can always resubmit an article after its promotional period has ended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a Twitter or LinkedIn account?

Well, having a presence on one of the social media that Quuu promotes your articles is not a requisite, so there’s nothing to worry about.

After all, the end-goal of using a platform like Quuu Promote is to gain more exposure (and more traffic for your blog.)

Is it worth the price?

Here’s the thing. $50 per month might seem like a steep price to pay, but if you have at least 10 articles you plan on promoting right from the start, and you publish consistently on at least a weekly basis, you’re going to get your money’s worth in about a week or so.

For instance, this article alone got over 100 clicks within 48 hours:

All in all, like I said, if you promote at least 10 articles right from the start, you can expect to pay something like 1 cent for each click you get on your article.

What is the quality of the shares?

This is something I’ve asked myself before deciding to invest in this platform.

The people who share your content are what you’d call “micro-influencers,” and, honestly, I wasn’t expecting to find people who have audiences in the thousands (and even a few of the bloggers within my niche that I follow) sharing my articles on social media.

What if my article gets rejected?

This is another aspect that made me think twice before deciding to give Quuu Promote a try.

If they have to manually approve your content (and there are guidelines in place for that), then you getting most of your articles rejected will prove counter-productive.

But, in truth, I only got 2 articles kind of rejected (they do offer feedback on what you need to chance, so they can approve your article for promotion.)

That’s actually useful feedback, as I hadn’t realized I had quite a few dead links in my article.

So, my advice is that you shouldn’t worry too much about getting your content rejected. Even if that happens, you get a chance to fix your article and then have it approved.

Overall, Quuu Promote is an interesting tool you can use to get more exposure for your articles at a fraction of the cost of running ads on social media.

If you have a portfolio of articles (at least 10 or so) and you plan on consistently publishing new content, then Quuu Promote is certainly worth the investment.

DisclosureThis post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchaseat no additional cost to you.

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