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I remember zero as both frustrating and heartbreaking, the kind of feeling that makes you so angry you feel like crying. 

I remember when no one ever read my articles, no one ever bothered to comment on my content.

Worst of all, I had no idea why no one gave a damn about my words.

If you’re in this situation, and you’re wondering why no one reads your articles, you should read this article. 

Also, you should know that it’s usually a part of the natural process of being a beginner blogger. Beginners make mistakes. That’s just how it is.

The good news?

I’m going to help you figure out what mistakes you might be making by sharing with you the most common seven reasons why no one reads your articles.

1. You Publish Too Often

Didn’t know that was possible, did you?

But it is. In fact, it’s likely the most common reason why beginner bloggers don’t get any attention at all.


Well, because social proof is effectively working against you. Big time.

Readers are kind of picky these days, mostly because of the sheer quantity of information that is readily available, but also because there are a lot of popular bloggers whose content they can read.

That’s why I always advise beginners to spend more time promoting content and less time writing and publishing content.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you publish an article today. You then spend the next 3–4 days promoting your blog, networking with other bloggers, trying to find readers, and so on.

Think of it as an 80-20 rule of sorts, but one that can be easily adapted depending on the efforts and how good you are at attracting readers towards your blog (and, yes, the quality of your articles also matters a lot when it comes to engagement levels.)

The people who visit your blog will most likely read your most recent article. They will interact with it, some of them might even comment.

That way, you build social proof. There’s an actual conversation going on in the comments section of your article. There’s proof that other people have read (and liked) your article.

It’s thus far more likely for others to read your article, even after it’s no longer your most recent post.

If you do not do this, and if you do not allow for your article to build that social proof, no one’s ever going to read it. 

After all, who’d like to read the fifth most recent article on a blogger they never heard of, an article that no one’s ever read?

Pro-tip: Yes, this does mean that the more popular you are, the more often you can post. As a matter of fact, the more popular you are as a blogger, the less time and energy you have to invest in networking and promoting your content, and the more time you spend creating content.

2. You’re Not Creating Blockbuster Articles

Let’s be honest. Most articles are bland.


Because they lack elements that truly make them stand out.

The salt and pepper, so to speak.

If you want folks to read your blog, you’ve got to spend time creating derivative content (graphics, videos, podcasts, etc.) that will help your readers better understand and better relate to the content you are sharing.

If content is king, then the derivative content that makes blockbuster articles so engaging is set to one day challenge the throne.

3. You’re Trying to Teach Us Something You Don’t Understand

This happens more often than you’d think, and makes for content that either lacks an empathetic perspective or content that fails to attract those most passionate about your blog’s main topic.

Yes, you don’t have to be the world’s foremost expert on the topics you blog about, but you should at least understand the ideas you share on more than just a rational level. You should be aware of them at an emotional level.

What do I mean by this?

Great writing makes you feel something. That’s why I call it the art of blogging. And you can only make people feel something if you have the mental clarity to properly write about your topics and ideas.

Blogging is not about teaching people what they don’t know, it’s about offering them clarity, it’s more about being a trusted companion than a teacher.

4. You’re in a Niche of One

Let me guess.

When you chose your niche, you probably tried to find something nobody else was writing about, right? A small niche you could dominate and call your own?

If so, and if you’re at least six months into the game, and there’s still no audience to speak of, you might have decided to be a part of a niche of one.

Here’s the simple way to figure out the perfect niche for your blog:

One often overlooked aspect, especially for beginner bloggers, is to choose a niche that can be monetized.

Ask yourself, “are there any bloggers within your niche that are earning a sizable income from their blogs?”

Of course, if you can’t think of any bloggers who are part of this niche… you certainly have a problem.

5. You’re Trying to Be Original

Do you know the saying that there’s nothing new under the sun?

Well, you could argue that everything worth reading was already written into existence long before we were ever born. You’d be right too.

Buy this as a print and hang it on a wall to remind you that all great artists steal.

Also, everyone tends to write about the same stuff over and over again for the reason that people want to read about those things. Over and over again.

Of course, you don’t have to be a copycat. You can choose a different angle, go deeper into a subtopic, or even just apply your unique style.

But don’t try to be original. It just makes you irrelevant. Or cliché.

6. You Don’t Care About the Details

Do you know the same advice that everyone keeps sharing? About headlines and formatting and featured images and introductions and paragraphs and opening lines and subtitles?

Well… they matter because they are the first things anyone notices. And if they don’t like what they see, they don’t read it. 

I am a particularly picky reader myself. If the headline doesn’t make me curious, I don’t read it. It’s either got to be brilliant like that, or there’s got to be a list about some steps or ideas or something that interests me. Otherwise, I don’t read it.

Do you want to write fantastic articles?

Check out our guide, Writing Your First Blog Post.

Writing Your First Blog Post is your pathway to clearly and effectively communicating ideas through the written word, precisely tailored and fine-tuned for an online audience.

If you have a blog, this is your go-to guide.

In a time-challenged world overwhelmed by information “sold” via clickbait headlines, in an online environment dominated by Twitter streams and Instagram feeds and gifs and video, using a solid foundation to write your article matters more than ever. The words you use and how you present are your virtual currency.

Click here to grab your e-copy of Writing Your First Blog Post.

7. You Are Still Under the Spell of the Dunning-Kruger Effect

This is the most insidious reason of them all, because it’s both a mindset and a skill problem.

If you’ve been blogging for less than six months, or if you have yet to publish 100 articles, odds are you have yet to develop the proper mindset or acquire the skills you need to get people to actually read your content.

I’m sorry, but that’s how it is. 

My first 100 articles were pretty much rubbish. Yes, they were.

Beginners are often driven by their fragile egos to ignore the common-sense advice that’s being shared all over the web, and they tell themselves that they either have a unique style, or that everyone else is too dumb to understand their unique approach to blogging.

You’ve got to break your heart a bit, get rid of that ego you’re being over-protective of, and objectively compare the quality of your work with that of the bloggers who actually have readers.

Then, and only then, you can adjust accordingly and work towards becoming a better blogger.

What does it take to get people to read your articles?

Well… you have to dedicate as much time and energy as possible to learning content creation, marketing, promotion, social media. Do this for a few years, and then you will be able to get people to read your content.

This fairy tale notion that you need a few tips and tricks, tinkering on your blog for 30 minutes on the weekend, and suddenly having a popular site?

Not. Going. To. Happen.


I’m not trying to be mean. Just telling you how it is.

If you want a great blog that’s read by many, commit yourself to mastery. There’s no other way.

Do you want to take your blog to the stratosphere in 2021?

Well, why not grab a (virtual) cup of coffee with me and talk for an hour or so about your blog?

Click here to read all about that.


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  • Elfriede and Mike

    Thank you for posting this information. Blogging is definitely not a piece of cake if you would like to see results meaning readers/followers. But then TIME to write is a precious commodity! I, Elfriede (am writing the blog for my husband who authored and published another book) sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the advice out there. Starting a blog was scary in the beginning but it’s getting better. I know, however, that I need to invest more time into research and writing my best! I also have problems with all the terminology on WordPress! Thanks again, Elfriede

  • Spunkyreads

    Reblogged this on Spunky Reads.

  • aynshegachez

    That’s a great thing…. thanks for advising accordingly

  • Laurie

    For a newbie like me this was a great post to read. It gave me a lot to mull over and add to my own blogging…newsletters, quality over quantity, etc. Thanks!!

  • Newwriterblog

    I agree! I did many mistake, you teach us great lesson

  • House of 1000 Books

    Thank you for the tips. I especially liked the quality over quantity suggestion. I’m somewhat new to the blogging game, so all these tips are beneficial whenever I come across them.

  • whatsajeffrey?

    I fucking hate how on point this is Haha I scroll down the page to another point and just yell, “shit!”

  • anrowles

    Every time I hop on WordPress I swear it’s like your reading my mind!

  • Max McMahon

    This goes for just about any form of creation in the modern era. The artist is his own producer, promoter, and agent, especially in the beginning phases. The beginning always makes or breaks a creator – sometimes it takes the breaking to really figure out what it takes to be successful. Make it through the fire of hopelessness and insecurity with the power of persistence and you’ll come out the other side stronger.

  • Dan Assuied

    Thank you very much it helped me a lot to read that article!

  • itsjusttiana

    I’ve been trying to promote my blog through social media but haven’t been seeing much change. Any advice?

    • Cristian Mihai

      Yes. Patience. It takes a lot of time to build a platform, a community. More than a year.

      • itsjusttiana

        Oh wow. I’m gonna keep trying.

  • Virendra Soni

    Really helpful for beginners. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • bigskybuckeye

    Serious blogging requires time. I publish about five quality posts (mostly poetry) per week. However, I spend a great deal of time sincerely following other blogs (especially in my niche), making thoughtful comments, and sharing bits and pieces of myself (Big Sky Buckeye) with the readers who stop for a visit. I will admit, when I started writing and posting to a blog back in October, I was totally clueless about what would be needed to maintain and grow my blog. The journey has been a learning experience for a former teacher of 40 years.

  • Jessica

    Thank you. I think I learned a lot. However, won’t it be boring to blog about what trending if you have zero interest in it? Real readers are smart, they’ll figure out of feel the author’s lack of interest in the post.

    • Cristian Mihai

      Of course. You need to find some topic that you like, but is also popular. Blogging is a balancing act.

      • Jessica

        Oh my god, I feel so outdated when you say like that 😭

  • Melissa Ferrao

    All your posts are so helpful, it’s great to learn about this new domain! Also, could you maybe elaborate on the newsletter email traffic thing? I didn’t quite get that or how to make one.

    • Cristian Mihai

      Well, there are a bunch of options. Let’s say you choose Mailchimp. Go to their site, and create an account. Then you can read everything you need to set up a newsletter.

      • Melissa Ferrao

        alright, thank you so much❤️

  • Morgan Rundquist

    I’m definitely going to be working on promoting more. I feel like I suck at it!

    • Cristian Mihai

      Hi Morgan,

      Maybe if you view it as making friends with like-minded individuals, you will be better at it.

      • Chocoviv

        You’re welcome 😇

  • 140 Character Christian

    When I was learning to write advertising copy, my boss would tell me: “You have to create an emotional response! Put your heart into it!” Thanks for another great post!

    • Cristian Mihai

      YES! If you do not put your heart into it, no one’s going to care.

  • Saurab

    This is sound advice! It is especially important to find the right frequency of posts, which depends on your topics and the audience you are writing for. Thanks much, Christian.

    • Cristian Mihai

      Yes. It also depends on your writing style. It’s a balancing act, and it takes a lot of experimentation.

  • edward and kahri

    Definitely considering to start taking blogging more seriously as we’ve been getting more traction. love the tips!

  • suzanelizsa

    This is one of the most eye opening transparent posts about growing your blog . Thank you !

    • Cristian Mihai

      My pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to read.

  • Rising Star

    It’s really awesome, love your tips!

  • heterodoxbuddhism

    About a couple of weeks ago I was listening to this audio book from this salesman called Elmer Wheeler. He talks about the same type of thing you do, especially when it comes to selling your blog.

    Good stuff.

  • Jordan Hoggard

    Excellent article, Cristian. And, rather than loving what I do, I love the editing required to do it that makes the process dynamic. Some blogs sit in Drafts for ages just becoming relic post-it notes for a topic… that other blogs I write cut right in and express differently, and the Draft blog sits. The Drafts are not patient. They aren’t waiting. They are like rough geode wells rawly expressed like Monty Python might fart in your general direction. And, I really heard your direct promotion aspect. Not simply getting interested in the things I’m interested in and participating on others blogs… literally To Promote the content. That’s a great point!

    And, like you expressed, write the best blog ever, and no one is going to find it unless you give them a way to find it. Promotion os a big part of that.

    Who was it who said, “There is nothing new, yet everything must be original.” It’s of course an expression about making the work yours and not being a cookie cutter. I think it was T.S. Eliot who stole it from me 100 years before my birth. Though, I think it was Aristotle who stole it (was inspired to say it) by who knows who thousands of years ago. Actually, the quote was, “Good poets borrow. Great poets steal.” They outright rob themselves blind from within. Writing’s not difficult. All you have to do is sit down and bleed. (Thanks E.H.)

    Excellent points to assist me in dropping back in the pocket to further dial into clarity of voice and presentation. Thanks much, Cristian.

  • Kristin_Bea

    wow… i learned a lot from this… thank you…

  • $warna

    I must thank you for giving me an alert. I’m facing this trouble. My head bothered me, “am I the only person struggling here?”. After reading your effective piece, let me search for hope ^_^

    • Cristian Mihai

      You should learn proper English before you can agree or disagree with something.

  • Timothy R. Berman

    The best way to commit to mastery is to learn from others. Mastery is also learned from mistakes and errors. Develop your own style and voice. Rid yourself of the unrealistic expectations that your going to write the next viral post. I remember when someone wrote a simple inspirational article and it went viral. This individual and his wife ended up on the Today show. I was in awe and wanted to be that guy. Reality is, majority of the time, many others are attempting to reach the transcendence of blogging to achieve a viral post.

  • Henry Chamberlain

    There is a lot to be said for simply being true to yourself while also being mindful of others. It’s all about self-respect and respect for others and that will go a long way in attracting readers! No one ever said it would be easy. It needs to be a labor of love first.

  • Thalena

    Really needed this. Thanks!😊💖

  • lewismuhoro

    Great tips for sure and informative too

  • sonikajaggi

    Thank you for such wonderful piece of advice!

  • Loretta

    Working on headlines is a goal for this year. What are your thoughts on changing headlines that are already out there?

    • Cristian Mihai


      But if you want to see whether they change engagement levels or not, it’s also best to republish those articles, so you can properly test the new headlines.

  • someshgondikar

    Very informative blog. Thanks for writing this. This can be very helpful to beginners like me.

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