Giving Away a Macbook Pro, Ask Me Anything (Youtube Edition)1 min read

We’re ending 2020 with a bang.

More or less.

Let’s start with the really good news.

I’ve decided to give a way a brand new laptop (and a couple of bonuses as well.)

If you want to take part in the giveaway, simply click here.

This is an international giveaway, so as long as you live on planet Earth, I guess I can ship the laptop to you. Also, there are quite a few ways to enter (and get entries/points for more chances to win).

So, yeah, click here to take part in the giveaway.

On to the next thing…

Ask me anything about blogging, and I will make a YouTube video on January 1st and answer all of your questions.

Okay… ask!

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

7 thoughts on “Giving Away a Macbook Pro, Ask Me Anything (Youtube Edition)1 min read

  1. I only install Linux on my laptops, so I’ll pass on the MacBook Pro hahaha
    But one question: If you blog competently, confidently, and consistently in your (very) niche area, what are the limits to the blog’s growth, i.e., will the blog only grow to the size of the fish bowl?

    1. Hahaha… well… it’s your choice.

      Well, it’s kind of funny in a way. You are absolutely correct. Hyperniche blogs don’t usually grow beyond their target audience, because there’s no “mainstream” appeal, so to speak, but something rather interesting happens as you build a tribe of genuine readers.

      Those most loyal to you will, at some point, stumble upon one of your articles and they will share it like crazy. This might be enough to make your article truly go viral, but it might also be short lived, even if you do reach well outside your target niche, and even if that specific article does resonate with them, the rest of your content might not, so you’d lose a great deal of the readers you earned via your viral article.

  2. People’s attention spans are limited and I think short posts would be more appealing, and yet I’ve heard that longer articles do better in a blog. What’s the reasoning?

    1. They used to be.

      I wrote about this statistic here:

      Now, the thing is… as the landscape became saturated and competitive, bloggers began working on “definitive” guides on certain topics, offering folks everything they need, so they don’t spend too much time searching for information on the web, and thus subscribing to other bloggers as well.

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