How to Use Procrastination to Become a More Productive Blogger5 min read

Every morning, it takes me about 7 minutes to get out of bed, make myself a cup of coffee, and sit at my desk to punch those keys.

Usually, what I do is this: I take a look at all my drafts. There are hundreds of them. I open and close them, go through what I have so far, reading their introductions, until I find what I am looking for: something I’m terribly excited to write about.

Sometimes it takes me a few minutes, other times it takes me close to an hour, but I always find something that I want to write about.

If I start working on an article and I feel like procrastinating, taking some time off to think about the topic, or I feel like I’d better do something else instead, I start all over again, by looking for that one idea that inspires me to write about it right then and there.

What I am looking for is the topic or idea that I am most mentally clear about at the time.

We’re often told that procrastination is a deadly sin of creativity, that we must force ourselves to do the work.

Actually, I believe this advice is quite counterproductive. We must do the work, yes, but we can always choose what we can work at.

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