How to Stand Out as a Blogger in an Ultra-Competitive Niche7 min read

You often stare at the blank page, wondering whether what you’ll write will be good enough. You get distracted. Or, you have this idea that you really love, but… you soon realize someone else has already written about it.

What is the point of even blogging if what you want to write about has already been covered by countless others?

Well… the truth is that almost all my most popular blog posts are about topics that have been covered by others. Let’s call them universal topics. Inspiration. Motivation. How to deal with procrastination. How to fail your way to success.

What I write about is the sum total of all the other bloggers, writers, artists, and motivational speakers I have ever internalized: a bit of Mark Manson, a bit of Tom Bilyieu, a little bit of Tony Robbins. Jocko Willink, David Goggins, Andy Frisella. You get the idea.

But the thing is that people can’t get enough of certain topics because they form the foundation of who we are as human beings.

Your uniqueness as a blogger is not about writing something no one else even thought to write about, but about the perspective from which you cover those topics.

No one can write a blog post the same way you do.

Sure, there are thousands of other bloggers out there writing about motivation. Or inspiration. Or travel. Or even gardening.

But it’s not so common to read about motivation from a twenty-something Romanian kid, a college dropout, who has suffered for years and years from high functioning depression.

That’s the creative strength you can tap into — all the while blogging about the same universal topics as everyone else in your niche.

Originality: The Pitfall Most Bloggers Fall For

This post is meant to help you unleash the creative fire that is often stifled by you presuming you need to be original to be successful.

It took me a long time to figure this out myself. Actually, this is a lesson that I often need to be reminded of.

I often pressure myself to be original. To uncover some hidden depths of the human soul that no one was ever brave enough to discover.

The thing is, trying to do that is a recipe for disaster. From there to overthinking your process is but a step. Besides, inspiration often tends to evaporate under pressure.

Most often than not, trying to be original is a sure-fire way to being creatively bankrupt in ten blog posts or less.

So, instead of trying to be original, I think about you. My reader. I ask myself what is it that you’d like to read about. I think about past blog posts that you’ve enjoyed enough to comment on. I remind myself that you want to read about my own journey, about the way I dealt with the obstacles and failure.

I have to remind myself that you don’t read my words for the information they share, but for the way you can derive a sense of purpose because of the way I used the information I am now sharing with you.

Whenever I do this instead of trying to come up with some idea that no one’s ever had in the history of the written word I can punch the keys with unbelievable speed. There’s this sense of clarity and purpose that translated into sentences that are clear and concise.

I know what I want to share with you, and I know what you need to write in order to do what I want you to do.

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