How to Create a Welcome Email Series for Your Blog10 min read

Pop quiz! Which of these three people is more likely to engage with your content?

A. Someone who’s been a follower/subscriber for a long time?

B. Someone who has just subscribed to your newsletter?

C. Someone who’s a first-time visitor of your blog?

Most people would instinctively go with the first answer, but the truth is that engagement levels drop after a few weeks/months of someone being a follower of your content. They, in fact, are now only choosing to engage with the content that is most relevant to them, often choosing to ignore the recurring themes you blog about.

If you think about it, the correct answer is B.

Think about it. Someone visits your blog. They go through your articles, reading a few of them, clicking on related articles after they finish reading one of your articles. They are in “exploration mode,” meaning they are looking for more resources, access, and even products and services that you might recommend or sell.

They have decided that your content is valuable enough that they invest their time and attention by becoming e-mail subscribers, giving you the chance to reach out to them in a more direct manner.

That’s what makes a welcome email series so important. It’s what you use to capitalize on the excitement new readers feel when they decide to subscribe to a newsletter.

What is a welcome email series?

A welcome series is a number of emails you send out after a new subscriber joins your email list.

Think of your welcome series as an automated-handshake, and a process of capitalizing on first-time subscribers’ enthusiasm to turn them into avid fans of your work.

Usually, a welcome series is comprised of 3-6 emails sent out over a range of 3 to 10 days.

Even if you aren’t trying to convert subscribers into paying customers (or you’re just not selling anything on your blog just yet), a welcome series makes sense because the open-rates and click-through rates are going to be the highest you get out of any campaign.

If there’s something important you want to share with your readers, a welcome series is your best bet to make sure most of them read it.

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