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Over the past nine years I’ve written well over three thousand articles, on topics ranging from art, blogging, creativity, personal development, motivation, books, inspiration, social media, and so much more.

I wrote about life and death and all that happens in between.

And even though I’ve always had this terrible itch to approach writing an article as a sort of semi-religious endeavor, mystical in the way inspiration forced my fingers to punch the keys on my keyboard, the truth is that the best articles I ever wrote were the ones in which I took a rather deliberate and strategic approach.

That’s why I am offering this tool, for free, to aid you in your quest to turn ideas into blockbuster articles:

You can download it for free by clicking this link here.

Or you can stick around and read a bit more about this framework and how it can help you.

A lot of bloggers struggle with this question, “How do I know my idea is worth turning into an article?”

This dilemma, so to speak, is an automated response to a lack of clarity:

  • You do not know your article’s key takeaways
  • You do not know your ideas value proposition
  • You do not know who the person who has the most to benefit from reading your article is
  • You do not have a clear call to action that flows naturally from your blog’s key takeaways

So, what is The Article Validation Canvas?

To answer in as few words as possible, The Article Validation Canvas is a framework that allows you to validate your idea in the right way, while getting to know the article you’re about to create better.

You understand who is your target audience, what it is that you want them to do after they finish reading your article, and how to best promote your content.

How do I use The Article Validation Canvas?

It’s simple.

The canvas is designed in such a way that there is no order in which you should be filled out, but it does demand that you think about your idea with the purpose of figuring out the best way to transform it into a blockbuster article.

You can start by writing down all relevant resources that you can find, adding them to the BrainDump.

Or you can start by validating your idea as is, trying to figure out if you can transform it into an article that stands out from the crowd, an article that genuinely adds to the conversation that goes on within the community.

However you decide to start, use the questions and description underneath each element to gain more and more clarity about your idea until you can write an article that provides value to a clear demographic.

It’s that simple.

And, yeah, it’s 100% free. No sugar, and, more importantly, no sugarcoating.

Click here to download The Article Validation Canvas for free today.


  1. You are Genius 😜

  2. Awesome stuff Cristian – thanks for sharing. 🙏

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