[Infographic] The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post1 min read

The human body is a wonderfully complex mechanism, complete with gauges, systems, and a support structure.

It is, in fact, so brilliant in its execution, that we can learn and use some of the same principles to help us on our quest to write the perfect blog post.

The infographic below contains a breakdown of how the elements of an article work together, and what they achieve for your readers.

[Infographic ]The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

Click here to download a high-quality version of this infographic.

Most of you know about the structure of a blog post: headline, introduction, featured image, conclusion, but there’s so much more you can do, there’s so much more you can achieve if you think of your article is a living, breathing organism.

That’s what this infographic is all about. Making sure that your article is truly alive, that it can sustain itself, and last but not least, that it feels alive to your readers also, that it feels like it has heart, brain, guts, and more.

Click here to download this infographic.

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  1. hahahaha This would have helped my students when I was teaching composition. The Muscles man is perfect for reminding me to use truths.

  2. A great model. Thank you, {{{Cristian}}} <3

  3. Very clever idea Cristian.

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