50 Ways to Become a Better Blogger14 min read

Do you want to improve your game as a blogger? 

I know, silly question.

Well, in that case, there’s some good news. Well, about 50 of them.

Fifty ways that will help you become a better blogger.

On Consistency

1. Set a schedule for release. Keep in mind that it has to be realistic. If you only post once a week, fantastic. Once every other week, brilliant. Whatever you do, keep this promise. Consistency matters. A lot.

2. Write every day. You don’t have to publish every single day, but make sure to write. The more you write. the stronger your creative “muscle” gets.

3. Use a time-based goal, rather than a word-count goal. Aim to spend, let’s say, one hour writing every day, rather than forcing yourself to write 1,000 words or even 5,000. This way, you can more easily track your progress, and you get a real sense of how much your productivity increases.

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