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Be honest. You often dream of writing an epic blog post, the kind that gets shared thousands of times, liked, tweeted, and pinned, commented on by hundreds of other bloggers… in other words, you wish to write the type of blog post that goes viral.

Unfortunately, you have yet to manage writing such an article.

What’s the problem? What are you doing wrong? Is there some formula you can follow to make sure your posts are epic, evergreen, and highly engaging?

Of course there is. And I am going to share it with you today.

So, brace yourself, for this is one epic blog post about writing blockbuster articles that will leave your readers wishing the damn like button worked more than once.

What’s a blockbuster article?

By definition, a blockbuster article:

1. is detailed.

It doesn’t have to be a four thousand word essay, but it’s got to cover all the elements and provide much-needed clarity.

A true blockbuster article leaves no stone unturned. Remember all the time mentioned earlier that you’re going to spend researching this lengthy piece of content? Put all of that data to use.

When you’re done, ask yourself if there’s anything else a reader needs to know considering the topic you’re writing about. If someone has to click away from your page to search for more information regarding the content you wrote, you haven’t created a one-stop resource, which should be your goal.

2. has a sense of direction.

The number two defining characteristic of a blockbuster article is the fact that it provides a sense of direction to anyone who reads it.

What does this mean?

You need to know exactly what you want your readers to do with the information you share, and how they should act once they finish reading your post.

In order to get a clear sense of that, you need a key takeaway, which can be best described as the value you plan on adding to your readers.

Do you want to inspire? Educate? Entertain?

What do you want your readers to do after they finish reading your article?

3. is relevant to your niche.

A blockbuster blog post adds to the conversation that is already going on in your niche. This means that you must first be aware of and acknowledge what is going on in your niche.

A few ways to do this:

  • Follow and read the most popular bloggers in your niche
  • Use Google Trends
  • Use Buzzsumo
  • Regularly engage and discuss topics with other bloggers in your niche
  • Ask your readers about what they’d most like to read about

Sorry, but this article is for an XYZ exclusive.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great advice!

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  4. This blog helps me alot. thanks

  5. i think that is what i did in my recent post without even reading your this post(does this mean i am a natural born blogger) just kidding but still very important piece of advice.

  6. Really good advice! Trying to improve my blog as much as possible because I only get a couple of views 😦 Great advice tho!

  7. Good advice. As I am beginning to write professionally, I need to know these things.

  8. When I come across old blogs I frequently hit the delete button or completely rewrite them. I think I tripped into all the writer’s pitfalls you have mentioned in your blog today. Very good advice – definitely resonates with me!

  9. Hey there- I really enjoy your blog and have learned SO many things! Keep up the good work! I did have one quick question– do you use a plugin to send out the notification emails when you publish a new post? I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do that through WordPress- like the ones I get for your blog? Any insight would be super helpful!

    • does not allow plugins. Well, they do, but only on their bussiness plan.

      E-mails are sent out automatically to all those who have checked that they want to be notified by e-mail of any new blog posts from the blogs they are subscribed to. I think it’s on by default.

  10. Important tips.

  11. Honestly, I loved reading this post! I’ve learned some of these things the hard way but seeing all my fuzzy areas defined so clearly was especially affirming. Wish I could have read this before I began writing, but I’m sure thankful for how it will improve my future posts.

    Thank you for sharing

  12. Very helpful thanks for sharing this

  13. Very helpful advice!

  14. I will try it on my next post! ^^

  15. My mermaid is more like a shark. LOLOL. Great article, very informative.

  16. Thanks for this post. A lot to take in, but step one was to insert a photo into my latest blog post. My post is called “Diving In”, so I found a stock photo of a lady diving into some clear tropic water.

  17. Excellent writing! Loved it

  18. There’s so many useful stuff for blogging beginners like me. At this point, all I want is to write about things I know other people will be interested on or make use of. But upon reading this, I suddenly realized that it doesn’t end there. Thank you very much for sharing!

  19. Thank you for advices!

  20. the best part of reading this post is that we can see you used your own advice lol

  21. This will be so helpful.

  22. Awesome post for all the beginners, including myself…

  23. Always find your posts helpful. Agree with whatever you have written here. I more thing which I have read somewhere building internal links.

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    So you want to write a blog? A good one.


    Where there’s a will, there IS a way. The internet only improves with quality content and engaging bloggers. But there’s often a lot of bruising that comes with trying something new. Who wants to sign on board to be beat up in a public forum or worse — ignored.

    So, if you don’t fancy being that guy, check in with Cristian Mihai at The Art of Blogging. The bite-sized breakdown of what makes a good blog post is there to smooth the way. For you and your readers. (Mine, too ;^)

    You don’t want to miss it!

    Write on…

  25. Very nice and motivating. A little lengthy but straight to the point 🙂

  26. Great Post! x

  27. For those people who don’t want to “write too much” because they’re afraid not enough people are going to read it, they are absolute coin chasers. They just want to write any trash, throw it online, and get paid for it. If you truly had a passion for writing, most of the time you have to force yourself to stop writing because it’s getting too much…like this comment.

    • It’s not quite like that… Have a passion long enough… You’ll see…

      • I have had passions for a long time. I just started writing BLOGS, but I’ve been writing for years now and I’m passionate about other things, like spreading a message for one. If you’re truly “passionate” about something, sometimes you have to humble yourself and realize you’re not going to get paid or get the gratification you want right away. You have to do it because you love it.
        Jonah Hill took chump change just to be in Wolf of Wall Street.
        All I’m saying is, you wouldn’t not to do something just because you weren’t getting paid enough or because not enough people are seeing your work if you love what you’re doing.

  28. Great as usual. Good advice.

  29. It is the art of writing and one should not limit it to blogging. A must for all forms of writing and even presentation. A wonderful guide which each of us should keep it by our bedside. Excellent post.

  30. Thanks that was a really helpful post – will try and put the advice into practice!

  31. Excellent thoughts!

  32. I’ve been blogging for a year now and still a beginner. This guide will guide me to be better.

  33. Those are my daughters hands in the photo you used! 😊

  34. Thank you..this was helpful

  35. wow I’m soo impressed with this post. Content is very valuable. I can validate with this post if what Im doing are dos or donts. 🙂 Reading your content out loud during editing is a must. It is really helpful to me. Usually I write content a day before, then I sleep it out then edit the next day. Making sure I have fresh new eyes. 🙂

  36. Very descriptive…thank you for the great tips!

  37. Just came across this today. Very well organized blog full of useful tips for new bloggers! Writing with passion is probably the hardest thing to do because it makes one feel exposed. But, we agree it is vital to making a blog interesting and come alive, so we continue to work at it.

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