5 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger9 min read

Be honest. Are you where you want to be as a blogger? Are your articles getting shared and discussed and linked to? Are you being mentioned by others in your niche?

No? Well…

If your posts aren’t getting the traction you want, you might trick yourself into thinking you’re not a good enough blogger. But the truth is, anyone can follow a few simple steps to improve their posts, and anyone can deploy the right strategy to become a successful blogger.

Here’s a five-step plan to dramatically improve your blogging game.

1. Strategy

You’d be surprised at the millions and millions of blogs that never get even to a hundred readers.


Because the owners of said blogs never develop a proper strategy when it comes to blogging.

The write because they want to write something, as if addicted by the sound of them punching those damn keys. They write when they feel inspired, even though this means that they are never, ever, ever, consistent.

If you start with a blank page and put down whatever comes into your head, you’re not doing yourself or your readers any favors.

That’s why you need to develop a proper strategy.

Think in terms of:

  1. Your blog’s main topic, and any of its derivative topics. What are the main ideas? What would you write about if you were to set out to compile a list of the most important aspects of your niche?
  2. Any derivative topics that are related to your main topic.

After a quick brainstorming session, you should be able to develop a proper content strategy, complete with a content calendar. This gives your blog intention and direction.

All these topics are somehow related to your main niche.

To give you an example, a book blog can cover book reviews, but also write an article about book covers, or write a comparison between books and their adaptations.

Related content also allows you to interlink your articles, building a web of content that hooks your readers for hours.

This also means that you can develop a proper content calendar, and a proper strategy, so you can stay consistent.

Knowing this means that you know when to write, when you edit, and when to publish content.

That’s what a strategy does. It enables you to figure out the best way to produce content in a consistent manner.

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