This is Why I Built a Six-Figure Blog10 min read

There’s a lot of blogging advice being shared all over the web. I’ve written quite a bit of it myself.

How to write an amazing blog post, how to earn X amount of money, how to build an audience.

Tips, tricks, strategies, how-to guides, and step-by-step tutorials. All of them offering valid advice, all of them meant to help the average blogger.

But the how isn’t the issue here, it’s the why.

What’s holding you back from earning over $35,000 from your blog in three months isn’t the fact that you don’t know how to do it, it’s because you don’t know why you should do it.

You don’t have a large audience not because you don’t know how to build an audience, but because you don’t have strong enough reason to do it.

It’s not the strategy, but the lack of a strong enough motivating factor.

Two Ingredients for Success

There are but two requirements for success. One of them is clarity of purpose. You must know what you want to do.

The other one?

Well, let me tell you a story.

Imagine you’re at a beach party. Long before the pandemic happened. Imagine you spend your night talking to someone you’ve been attracted for almost a year. Someone who somehow always managed to get away. There’s so much tension in the air; it’s the stuff that makes romantic comedies such terrible cliches. But it’s intoxicating, the way they look at you, the way they smile, the way you touch one another from time to time, by accident.

Now, imagine that at the end of the night, someone arrives at the party, and they leave your side to talk to them. They spend fifteen minutes talking, all the while you try not to think about it, and you try to engage other people in conversation. Then, all of a sudden, they return to your table, and tell you that they’re leaving.

As you watch them walk away with someone else, what is the first thing you think about?

Well, I smiled.

That happened with my current girlfriend before she was my girlfriend. The fact that she left with another guy at the end of the night, after having spent 8 hours talking, just the two of us, ignoring everyone else there, didn’t even register at an emotional level as more than a fun little game she was playing.

The second requirement for success is…

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