7 Unconventional Questions That Will Change the Way You Blog4 min read

Answering these questions will help you turbocharge your blogging game

As the cliche goes, if you want better answers, you should ask better questions.

The right questions at the right time can help you become aware of your mistakes, adjust your strategy, and begin your journey towards the blogging stratosphere.

No, seriously. The right questions at the right time…

Okay, let’s stop fooling around.

Here’s me asking you 9 questions that just might be the right question at the right time.

And you know that the right question at the right time…

1. How Do You Network?

Do you leave two word comments on as many blog posts as possible? Do you continuously congratulate popular bloggers for their brilliant content?

Do you send out hundreds of e-mails asking for free promotion? Or for guest posting opportunities?

How do you do it?

Networking is a skill. Writing a comment that stands out is a skill.

What are the steps you take in order to promote your blog through networking?

2. What Do You Think About Blogging?

Valid question. Don’t be quick to dismiss it.

If I were to ask you to write an article, right here, right now, would you do it?

Why do you blog? For money? Fame? Glory? To impress people you don’t even like?

What is your honest opinion about blogging? What is your end-game? How does it make you feel when you sit at your desk to write? Do you punch the keys? Do you struggle with inspiration?

Figuring this out will allow you to better understand your inner game, which in turn influences the way you act.

3. What Do You Like Most About Blogging?

I hope the answer is, “everything.”

If not, figure out what aspects of blogging you enjoy doing the most.

Is it creating content? Networking with others in your niche? Is it engaging readers?

That’s what you should do more of, but you should also be honest in your assessment if maybe you’re struggling to gain momentum because you completely neglect the parts that you don’t like to do.

4. To Niche or Not to Niche?

Next, I’d like you to think about the topics you write about.

What’s your niche? What do you love writing most about? And why do you write about those topics?

Sometimes we find ourselves blogging about topics we don’t care that much because they are popular or because we mistakenly believe that’s what our readers want to read.

5. What Is the Most Important Thing About Blogging?

When it comes to becoming a successful blogger, what is the most important thing?

Is it creating quality content? Consistency? Publishing as often as possible?

Networking? Promoting your articles? Engaging your readers?

What do you think is the most important thing about blogging?

6. Who Is Your Blog For?

Who is your audience? Who’s your ideal reader?

Who are you marketing your product to?

If you never thought about this, I recommend that you figure it out as soon as possible.

Figuring out your ideal reader will allow you to be cater to their needs and desires, while figuring out a concrete strategy to give them more and more value.

Don’t answer in a vague manner either. Be specific. As specific as possible.

Who’s your ideal reader? Who are you helping most with your words? Who’s that one person you’d enjoy to have as a reader, that one person you wouldn’t mind meeting in real life?

7. How Much Time Do You Invest?

How much time do you spend blogging on a daily basis?

How much time do you spend writing new articles? What about the time you spend editing those articles? What about networking?

If you want to turbocharge your blogging game, you need to know how much time and effort you’re currently investing.

Then you can adjust accordingly.

Last question. Sort of.

How bad do you want it?

I want you to figure this one out. On a scale of “eh, it’s nice” to “I’d live and die for it,” how bad do you want to become a successful blogger?

Believe it or not, even though maybe you never asked yourself this question, you are answering it with your actions, with the time and energy you put in, with the way you approach the blank page.

So, how bad do you want it?

Do you really want it or just kind of want it?

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

9 thoughts on “7 Unconventional Questions That Will Change the Way You Blog4 min read

  1. Busted! I can’t answer most of those questions. I guess I better give them some serious thought because not being able to answer them is certainly hindering me getting up and working on a post. Thank you I needed this.

  2. sometimes when i ride a bike or walk alone there are loads of things that whirls on my mind. and i find very difficult when i don’t write or speak about it. blogging become a now a days for me the best weapon to make me light. though i just started it. thank you for making me think about it once again.

  3. Insightful questions to ask one’s self. You just helped MANY with this article my man! (me included)

  4. Excellent, thought-provoking set of questions, Cristian. I can answer them all truthfully without difficulty and I feel the most important question I ask myself each day is “What’s my purpose?” If it is to inspire others to reach out more to others in unconditional love, then am I demonstrating that level of love 😍 in my sharing? I always try to keep that in mind as I write to the 10 folks I can count on reading my posts each day.

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