The Biggest Mistake a Beginner Blogger Can Make4 min read

Up until a couple months ago I used to coach a lot of bloggers via Skype. Or some other video conferencing app. It doesn’t matter.

The vast majority of them were, obviously, beginners. People who had started a blog a few weeks prior to deciding that I was their best bet at online fame. And during our first chat, there was something that I’d notice in the way they spoke: they were afraid.

And it was this strange mutation of fear; they were afraid that no one would ever read their stuff, afraid that they were never going to be as good as their favorite bloggers.

They were afraid about the ideas they had, they were afraid of being too loud, of being too soft, or not soft enough. They were afraid of an awful lot of things, and you could catch a glimpse of all that in their eyes.

The truth is…

If you embark on this strange and perilous odyssey of being a blogger, you’ve got to be nonchalant as fuck. Oops, I wrote fuck. Anyways.

This fear a beginner feels often makes them want to walk the path of least resistance. You know. The well beaten path that compels them to write lukewarm content that does not mean much, generic stuff that floods our inboxes on a daily basis. This is a manifestation of that fear.

Of course, most of them don’t even punch the damn keys at all. They are overwhelmed by this sense that what they are doing does not matter.

And you know the sad thing? All evidence indicates to that.

But that’s not the point. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are brave enough to write your truth. That’s all that matters.

A lot of bloggers are more than willing to sell their souls for readers, but they are not willing to write their hearts out. To rummage through their souls for what hurts most and write about that.

Look, it might seem like blogging is easy. Anyone can do it. But it’s just like sports. Anyone can play a sport, but few can do it at a competitive level.

Most bloggers are so paralyzed by fear that the only strategy they have is wishing; “I wish I’d have x amount of followers and make x amount of money every month.”

The truth is that you can’t build an audience unless you have the guts to share your perspective, your point of view, even if this means that some people will hate you for it.

Sharing your most honest opinion is what makes content great instead of boring, and you can’t share your truth with your readers if you’re afraid they’ll abandon you for it.

Look, there are an awful lot of bloggers out there; some half a billion of them. And you can either choose the path of least resistance, which is a path of fear, of ignorance, of you choosing to place someone else upon a pedestal, or you can choose the other path; the one in which you write about the things you love, in which you share the ideas you have, and you do it in a way that is unapologetic and raw and honest.

This is who you are, and this is what you are all about. If they like it, okay, if not… that’s it.

When the time comes to punch those damn keys, don’t let fear dictate the words you write. Listen to your heart and intuition. What is the story you most want to share with us? What keeps you up at night? What is it that you care about most?

Share with us a story that only you can tell, because the blogs that become successful, the blogs that matter, are the ones that didn’t try to say what has already been said because of fear.

The blogs that matter were build with love, passion, patience, and courage. And that’s hard. It’s scary. To do that means to sacrifice on a daily basis.

There are an awful lot of bloggers out there who don’t have the guts to write the story that they’ve always wanted to write, which is a shame.

And this is why you should write that story. That blog post. That’s the post we all want to read.

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

13 thoughts on “The Biggest Mistake a Beginner Blogger Can Make4 min read

  1. Absolutely! Taking the steps to legitimately sharing your opinion without fear is a HUGE step to being a blogger. Sometimes we’re afraid of being attacked by our readers, but at the end of the day, there will always be people who agree with you.
    Thanks, Christian!

  2. I love this. I always feel that my stories have all been told before, and by people who write way better than me, so what’s the point? After getting over that hump though, I’ve realised that I get more reception than I thought I would. So this is so close to the truth.

    Great stuff as always, Cristian. Oh I’ve noticed you on Medium too. Rock on!

    1. Thank you, Stuart.

      This thing with others who write better than us is our own perceptions. Readers either like our stuff or not.

      We as bloggers make these weird rankings that are anything but objective.

      And, yes, I’m slowly growing my audience on Medium as well. It’s a different community, but I enjoy it a lot.

  3. I love how most of your posts are about getting over fear. I’m a beginning blogger, and I have to admit I fight that fear every day. I love reading these “pep talk” posts because they always make me feel better. Thank you!

  4. The fear is perhaps the most difficult thing to tackle. It pervades virtually every aspect of the blogging process–picking the right topic, targeting the right audience, agonizing over the writing, picking the graphics, hitting “publish,” etc.

  5. Tbh I get scared of people thinking maybe I am too Controversial, maybe niceties and stuff is what people love but I have strong opinions and stand my ground so I don’t know what to write or if I should use a filter sometimes. Thank you for this. I will repost parts of it on Ig with credit of course

  6. Fantastic article! Really cool to read and understand an experienced blogger’s perspective. I found your posts really helpful, and a must-read for someone like me, who’s just started blogging!

  7. This is so encouraging. Although I don’t really feel this kind of fear when I write but hitting that ‘publish’ button… well. Thank you for this❤

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