This is Why You Get Lost Along The Way

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Have you ever poured your heart into a blog post only to find that you kind of got lost along the way, and it does not make much sense anymore?

There’s no clear middle… or an ending. Or even a proper introduction, for that matter.

It’s all a mess of words and feelings and ideas.

You know what’s the issue?

You don’t have a perspective, an angle. You do not know why you’re writing your post, who should read it, and why they should read it.

No perspective, no direction. If you were to write a blog post about your love of art, it often doesn’t make much sense unless you write about WHY you love art, or HOW you ended up loving art.

As they say, the devil’s in the details.

Once you have an angle, writing the post becomes effortless, because you know what to write about and how to do it. In fact, once you have an angle, what often follows is a list.

And lists are the easiest thing to write…

It’s not the what, but the how that truly excites, inspires, and motivates. It’s the why that makes us laugh or cry or click on that subscribe button.

It’s not what we do, but why we do it, or how we do it.

There are about half a billion blogs out there today. Everyone writes, in one way or another.

But what makes the difference between a blogstar and someone who’s struggling to get even one person to read their content is this: how they write.

Think of your angle.

What’s your perspective?

What reason do you have to write the post you’re about to write? Thinking about your topic most certainly triggers certain emotions; what are those emotions? Write them down. Think about them. Now think about what you’d like your readers to feel.

If I were to write about my time struggling with depression, anxiety, and addiction, I’d write it in such a way as to make others feel that they can change for the better. I’d try to give hope to the hopeless, comfort the disturbed. I wouldn’t want to advertise addiction, but you could, in theory, write from that angle as well.

It’s not the story, but from what direction you approach it that truly counts.

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