4 thoughts on “I Made More Than $35K From Blogging in Less Than Three Months… And Then The Pandemic Happened

  1. I started blogging as I felt inspired while living in an artist residence in Berlin, to make an experimental challenge to myself, in form of keeping an authentic journal online named “THE GUTS OF MY UNIVERSE”. So yeah I don’t know how to monetize that, since beyond what I just described, it’s not about one specifik niche subject. What would you say I could do to monetize it!?

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    1. 1. Enroll in the Medium Partner Program if you haven’t already and share all your content there. That’s a great way to earn a bit of income.
      2. Start a paid newsletter or turn your blog into a membership site. You can do so by purchasing a plan from WordPress.com, and then adding some membership tiers.

      These are the two most effortless ways you can monetize absolutely any blog.


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