This Is Why You Should Punch The Damn Keys3 min read

I am a full-time blogger, meaning that I write on a professional basis. My blogs are my source of income, yes, but this also means that I approach blogging in a different way than most people.

I punch the damn keys about ten thousand times a day. Every. Single. Day.

And this is why you should punch the damn keys as well.

You better understand the weight of each word.

Words have power. It’s the lukewarm bloggers, the ones who are not sure they are doing the right thing by typing their words and ideas onto the blank document that never quite manage to share words that change lives.

Truth is, when you punch those damn keys, you realize that you are, in a way, creating music. Each letter sounds a bit differently, each word demands of you a different kind of effort.

As you punch those damn keys, you understand that your words have power, that your words can save a life, if you use the right words in just the right order.

You focus on the moment.

When you punch the keys, there’s no room for doubt, questions, or feelings of inadequacy.

You just write. You don’t even think. You punch those damn keys, and the words that pour out of your fingers are the ones that your heart tells you to write into existence. It’s the closest thing to magic that a wordsmith can experience.

You write your truth.

You cannot punch the keys if your fingers shake against the keyboard.

When you punch the damn keys, you write the truth. Your truth. You have no time to think about who’ll care or not, or who’ll agree or not.

There’s something about the mechanical sound of you writing so many words into existence that you can’t help but write your truth, with power and conviction.

You get lost in the act of creation…

We sometimes approach writing with religious fervor. Truth is, we stifle our creative brain by thinking that the act of creation is anything but simple.

If you punch those keys, you soon realize that there’s nothing intimidating about the act of creating something out of nothing.

The power is within you, and the more you punch those keys, the more you can punch them.

Ultimately, as you get lost in the art of creation, you realize that punching those damn keys is a craft that requires hours and hours of practice. That is it.

Blogging is a discipline, just like anything else. It’s part art, part craft. It’s a bit like an archaeological dig, a bit like an architectural build.

It’s a bit of the past, but it’s also a lot about the future.

Blogging is also a business, a job that you have to show up for, a spiritual experience, a way to inspire and change the lives of others.

And it’s easy to get lost in all the details, all the things that need to be taken care of, all the things that could go wrong. It’s easy to forget about yourself. That’s why you must punch the damn keys.

It kind of reminds you that you’re not laying a gold egg, you’re just writing some words. That’s it. Just some words. Good or bad, it does not matter. You have chosen this path because it allows you to share those words with others, and you owe it to all those who read your words to punch the damn keys.

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

18 thoughts on “This Is Why You Should Punch The Damn Keys3 min read

      1. Just curious how you balanced the two 🙂 I am currently doing both – ineffectively I think!
        I like your posts, they make me think about my goals.

      2. It was only during a summer… but… well, here’s the thing. I was already making good money from my blog ( I had just released Dream City, and I had sold a thousand copies in three days, so I was waiting for quite the paycheck from Amazon), but I had to help my father with his restaurant.

        I did struggle to find time to blog. I struggle all the time. It’s not effortless, but that’s the point anyway. It should feel like as struggle. We should aim to do more than we possibly can do each and every single day, that’s how we get better.

      3. That’s interesting! I’m also struggling at balancing the two, especially having a job that’s basically 100% sitting in front of a computer. I can see that in the long term the effort is worth it, but it definitely isn’t easy.

  1. Thank you, Christin! The inspiration from your blogs are definitely appreciated. Now, I’m rebooting myself to write my blogs more consistently.

  2. This is really encouraging, thank you 🙂 I really want to get into writing (not professionally, just out of passion), but I always doubt myself. I’m trying to get over my self-doubt by reading books, articles, or even blogs similar to this one.

    I’m reading more of your works now, I really enjoy them. You’re amazing!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I’m learning that no matter how many motivational speeches you read or hear; sometimes you’ve just got to let the negatives be the boost for your creative motivation and just keep it moving. Blessings and peace.

  4. Thank you for your writing, it is nice to know people blog on a professional basis. I would be interested in monetizing my blog one day

  5. Good advice, and well-needed, I think! My husband is going to wonder why I have a post-it on my screen edge that says “PUNCH the damn keys!”

    A question on the number of key-punches you do: is that 10 000 keystrokes or 10 000 words?

      1. Wow! That’s incredible. I don’t write for work, but even when I was, while doing a thesis, I got to about 7 000 a day. Will keep working on it!

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